About Us

person walking on beach during sunset

What is ‘ideologicalbiss’?

ideologicalbliss is a way of thinking which came into existence with the only motive to announce to everyone that they deserve it all.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through or how you live in this ever-changing world. You must know how to love yourself with a voice bickering in your heart all the time, guiding you that you deserve it all!

“Who are you? and why do you write?”

I am glad you have come to this page and love the articles I have shared with you. However, let’s talk a little bit about me too. I’m Shivangi Prajapati, A professional and passionate writer, author, and blogger. I am from India and you will usually find me reading books, watching romcoms, gawking at beaches, and glancing at the moon with the wish to catch stars someday.

And I came up with the idea of ideologicalbliss to spread love and happiness to everyone. To make them believe that they deserve all the love of the world.