Top 10 Signs You Are An Extrovert 

Top 10 signs you are an extrovert

Being one of the most popular personality traits, extroverts are not those lonely creatures who find it hard to adjust, instead, they are born to lead. And if you think you can’t stay awake all night by reading a book alone in the room, or you cannot remain silent for too long, you may need to take a closer look at yourself. According to Carl Jung’s personality trait theory, extroverts are not those fairies who remain calm even in solitude, instead, they are those who find it hard to remain silent for too long.

Thus we are here with this article that brings attributes to your life for being an extrovert and what you should avoid making yourself feel extroverted.

What do you mean by extrovert personality?

According to Carl Jung’s theory, extroverts are those individuals who find their source of energy in between the group as they get more energised in between the crowd rather than an introvert who doesn’t socialise.

And you should know that being an extrovert, or an introvert is not an option because we are born this way.  We can only mould or adjust our personalities on certain parameters; we cannot completely change our personalities to fit in this world. We human beings are born with our unique creativity and passion. Thus it is inconsequential to believe our personalities will change.

 Personality traits you are an extrovert 

Some of the most common personality traits of being an extrovert are-

Social gathering energises you-

group of friends singing while sitting on beach sand

Opposite to the personality trait of an introvert, extroverts are those individuals who do not get anxious to meet new people and are considered the party animal they are highly enthusiastic when it comes to attending parties, organising big gatherings, and being the centre of attraction as they get confidence when they get appreciated by other human beings as they consider themselves as the apple of everyone’s eye.

Do not like spending alone time- 

woman wearing pink top

When introverts escape from social gatherings, and night parties to spend alone time, extroverts find a way out to meet new people. For extroverts, spending alone time drains their energy and social skills while meeting new people and getting comfortable around them boosts their energy level to do what they want to do as they get optimistic when they get enclosed by people.

Are friends with many people-

group of friends walking on beach shore

Extroverts are friends with many people thanks to their extravagant outgoing personalities. They generally consider maintaining relationships with their friends, family, and with their colleagues. And if you are one of them then you will usually find yourself conversing with too many people, outgoing with almost everyone while initiating the conversation by yourself without being timid even to an introvert.

Always remain full of energy- 

young man doing exercises in nature

Have you met a disco person who always remains energetic, full of hope and enthusiastic to do what life throws at them?. I know it’s arduous to guess but these disco persons are real to exist and you will usually find them being bubbly all the time, working as a chatterbox with the audacity to be in the spotlight.

Are born team leader- 

a low angle shot of women wearing blazers in different colors

A born leader is the one who doesn’t hesitate to meet new people and listen to their dilemmas, and if you are one of them then you will notice how you always plan trips with your friends, or how you become the ice-breaker in your family to put on forefront your crisp a clear thoughts. As an extrovert you are quite opposite of an introvert, you will all the reasons to have people look out for you as the ultimate commander.

Speak first, think later-

a woman in plaid shirt speaking over a microphone

Truth be told, extroverts are those ideal creatures who speak whatever comes to their mind irrespective of the person they are talking to. The way of speaking their guts out without overthinking anything else makes them unique fighters in the battle of becoming a centre of attraction.

Generally, adopt Introverts-

two women sitting on white bench

Have you ever met a combination of opposite ends of the world? I know you must have not, but I will change your perspective on how you see the world. When extroverts and introverts meet, they make a unique combination. It occurs when extroverts adopt an introvert. And here, “adopting means when they become protected to maintain their relationship with their introverted friends.

Have numerous Interests-

woman draw a light bulb in white board

Being one of the versatile personalities, extroverts tend to have more numerous interests than any other personality. And you will usually find them shifting their passion most regularly in all the fields. From learning to play the guitar to singing aloud in the crowd you do everything with your creativity and a full heart.

Are an open book-

three women posing for photo

Mostly extroverts act like open books, they showcase all their cards in the first meeting without giving obvious doubt to everyone. And sometimes they share too much about their personal life even on the first meeting it backfires on them, as sharing too much without acknowledging the intention of others creates trouble in their life.

Love social media-

cheerful young woman using smartphone in street

Being the most outgoing personality type, extroverts love to connect with everyone and it doesn’t matter whether they spend most of the time on Instagram, texting their known ones, or conversing on cell phones. As they love to do everything that makes them feel connected with the world.

Remember that extroversion isn’t a rigid trait; instead, it is your entire personality. And some people might have a higher percentage of extroversion than others. Therefore, if you think you fit somewhere in between the extroverts traits, then consider yourself the happiest as you have the power to connect with the world at first instance.

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