10 things to stop doing right now!

a woman protesting while holding a megaphone

Running out of happiness? Well, life has taken a rollercoaster ride, especially after covid times. And since we are on the verge of ending 2021. It’s your call of duty to seek inside your brain, or heart whatever you are obliged to and ask yourself what are the things that are exploiting your inner peace […]

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Ikigai: the treasure of your life

man walking on the gray asphalt road

IKIGAI is? A phenomenon of Japan that has exploded the world with its power, but do you know what it is? IKI is a Japanese word that means “life,” and GAI is the word that means significance. Now, look at it carefully, the connection is right ahead of you when you see Ikigai again with […]

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Social Comparison: Hit or Sh*t?

Suppose you are recently born and boom! The social world created its gigs and started looking for better outcomes on the first day of your life. A baby next to you is crying way louder than you have ever thought but that’s no trouble!The dilemma begins when your aunt starts to compare your identity next […]

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What’s your passion and its level?

So ladies and gentlemen close your eyes and ask yourself what is your passion?Do you see the colour of the sky getting transitions according to your thoughts or are you still clueless and stuck in your job? Well, the answer must be not a vigilant one, but to find your passion, the aspects you love […]

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