10 steps for building a healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships have been ideal for everyone as it helps in reducing your stress and anxiety level. However, it takes a lot to build them without thinking anything absurd in your mind especially when you are a wandering soul who has not seen the systematic evolution of the world. 

But I am here to guide you on how you can build a healthy relationship even if you are a sucker for getting into, so close your eyes, take a deep breath and adjust your seatbelts. I am here to guide you to build a healthy relationship with your loved ones.

1. Live in the Real-world- The first step to building a healthy relationship is to live in the real world, and here living in the real world means accepting the outcomes of your surroundings and yourself. You cannot pretend to be a character of a romantic movie who gets his prince charming out of nowhere just to save the damsel in distress when you can solve your queries in real life.

2. Self-Acceptance- The second step to building a healthy relationship is to accept yourself the way you are. The significant truth has been declared that no one can build a romantic relationship if they do not accept themselves the way they are. It might be a little tacky to understand this formula of a happy relationship therefore I am going to give you an ideal scenario to know if you love yourself or not: stand straight right in front of the mirror and take a glimpse at your image, do you love the person who is lurking back at you? Or are you still clueless about your identity?

3. Communication is the key- come on, we have reached this far and I know we will succeed in our goal when you will be able to build a healthy relationship but before taking any crucial step you need to understand that communication is the key to making any mutual relationship with anyone. It is the most important step for building a healthy relationship, as it has been said, a good communicator is the one who solves everything, and a bad one can’t even stare at the blank mirror.

4. Be Empathetic- Now after communication, you need to take one more step to build a healthy relationship, and it is none other than being empathetic towards your partner. You need to understand your partner’s pain, their difficulties, why they are feeling clueless, you need to understand their grief, be able to help with their problem if it is in your hands and most importantly you need to be there for them if you want to build a healthy relationship.

5. Go with the flow- -The foremost thing to do to reach your goal even closer is to accept the progression of your relationship, accept the change in your schedule and take baby steps to deal with it. Everything comes with a change, a change that can make your life more happening than ever before, so don’t just stop there wherever you are, understand the need for evolution and accept the new change in your life.

6. Express yourself- yes! I know you are still struggling to cope with the sudden excitement of crossing another level of building a healthy relationship but wait here for a second and take a deep breath, do you feel something strange inside your chest? Were you the one who was in a constant struggle to express himself/herself or you have always been an odd one? We all know expressing your emotions can be as heavy as endeavouring a rock, but let go from your heart can solve the biggest queries of your life.

7. Support each other- congratulations on crossing the hurdles and coming to the stage where you have to support your partner. The ultimate truth to having a healthy and successful relationship is to have support for each other. If your partner supports you; you can change the world, but if they don’t then you can’t even change yourself.  Therefore, for a healthy relationship, it is a constant need to have a supportive partner.

8. Give each other space-  oh I know we are here to build a healthy relationship but it is important to give each other space too when you want to have a successful relationship. Giving each other space in a relationship gives you time to think, rejoice, and rebuild yourself. A person is made up of five elements and needs space too to live the life he was expecting to build. Constant interference will make people greedy which makes them lose their relationships with their loved ones.

9. Keep your life balanced- the last stage where you can finally take a deep breath and control your emotions, where you are closer to building a healthy relationship by maintaining a balanced life. A balanced life with your partner will bring you more joy and comfort and will help you live and build a healthy relationship with your partner.

10. Agree to disagree- now this could be life-changing advice. Most couples think that they have to agree on everything that their partners do without having a consultation with each other, but I am sorry to pop your bubble, the truth is a healthy relationship can only work when you agree to have some disagreements in your life. I mean you cannot expect your partner to like the same romantic movie which you like when you know they are more interested in the action genre.

 In the end, I can proudly say you have learnt all the parameters to understand how to build a successful and healthy relationship with your partner, so just be yourself and get ready to build a successful relationship with your loved ones.

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