How to Build Confidence: the ultimate guide

It’s high time, to stand up and look at yourself and decide what you think? Did you see someone with an excellent pace of confidence or were you not able to look at yourself because you were clueless about your life?

As successful people will only talk about their success not about how they achieved it after several attempts of failure and here you don’t even know about yourself right now at this stage. you feel empty most of the time and get less motivated which makes you often give up.

I know you can get nervous quickly when you glance at your striking image, or maybe when you don’t have enough courage to do what you want to do. Therefore, just stop right there where you are and pack your bags to settle in as I am here to pass the ultimate guide to building confidence that you would have never thought of in your life.

1. Build a hobby-

gone are those days when having a hobby rather than wasting your time on social media was a normal thing but now in the year 2022 when everything works at your fingertips when you spend most of your time on the social media making everyone believe that you are getting strong day by day won’t give you results, the social media most of the time suck your creativity out while consuming all your time that’s why to build confidence on your self you need to build a hobby you like which will give you more freedom to peek inside your mind.

2. Take baby steps-

let’s just accept that no one can achieve success in one span of a night. You must have no idea how much it takes to get on top. Therefore, to understand it more clearly you need to take baby steps to know the algorithm of building confidence in yourself. Set goals for a day and slowly after achieving them come on setting goals for a week then for a year, by following this increasing order and taking baby steps you will be able to build confidence eventually for a longer time.

3. Adopt a Growth Mindset-

A growth mindset won’t make you stop, it will always build your confidence and motivate you to grow more and more while encouraging you to explore your current skills and knowledge so that you can evolve yourself with time especially when the technology is taking all over the world and you don’t want to be left behind, therefore, instead of saying “you are not motivated to learn something new,” say, “you want to grow more and for that, you will learn whatever life gives you to do so,”

4. Beleive in yourself-

tell me when was the last you thought that you want to go on rock climbing or wanted to cross a desert and you did it by just following your heart without thinking about what others were going to say? Well, you don’t need to strain your brain too much I know you never did what your heart was telling you to do so because you were afraid of the failure, afraid that it will suck you out but somehow to gain the confidence you need to start believing in yourself right now, do what you want not what others want you to do as this is your life, you have only got one chance which you don’t want to waste while thinking about others because when you start believing in yourself you will be one step closer to your goal.

5. Practice Yoga and Meditation-

practising yoga and meditation is good for your health but have you ever thought it can be your booster for building confidence too as it improves memory retention and focus, helps in handling stress and reduces depression while providing other benefits. It also works as a road to success as it gives you enough confidence to stand on your feet while bringing positivity into your life.

6. Failure is a part of life- I know accepting failures is hard and moving on from your failure is even harder but you need to understand that failure is a part of life and nowadays we live in a society where everyone talks about their success, not about their failures, not about their struggle, we only see what the lavish society shows us not what is hidden inside it but the truth is right there written in their history that they have failed several times while gaining the confidence in their will that’s why they are successful now because they have realised failure is only a part of your life to build your confidence even more.

7. Comparison is shit-

confidence is like a flow, softer than a feather which lifts you high in a correct manner when you follow your own passion, does your own thing and stand up for yourself without taking a glance at others but the moment you start looking at the person next to you it all starts falling down like a rollercoaster thrashing on the floor same as confidence. That’s why you need to stop doing comparisons right now to build your confidence more accurately.

8. Learn to say no-

suppose you are stuck in a situation where you don’t want to be but you are not confident enough to say no and that leads to the misery of your life. You do things out of pressure rather than your own will which is more disastrous than everything. it can pass too at that moment when you realise that saying “no” is not just a way of lifting weight from your shoulders but also a path to your success as it builds your confidence even stronger.

9. Create a supportive community around you-

you need to know that confidence cannot be built in isolation especially when you are surrounded by fake people who only want to create your life hell so make the list and do what is right for you right now, build the relationship stronger with whom who supports you, always motivate you, listens to you when you feel low as a supportive community will boost your confidence and make you believe that you are worthy of everything.

10. Focus on what you can control- 

Most of the time people build their confidence on those things which is not in their control. For example- they focus more on the outcome of an experiment rather than focusing on what is in their hands, they focus instead on the result which is not in their control and neglect what is still present to them that’s why you need to know that To develop confidence, you must let go of our connection to things we can’t control and instead focus on what we can.

I hope this blog helps in building your confidence more than ever before so that you can do whatever you want without thinking low about yourself.

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