10 ways to get over a break-up 

Getting over a break-up is hard and can be devastating if it was with someone whom you have never expected to break your heart. However, you know that life goes on, once the seed is not going to be the seed always it has to become a flower one day to nourish life. 

Therefore, moving on can be considered the hardest hurdle and challenging to cross. It will let you live in the delusion that you are never going to forget the memories and the time you have shared with your loved ones but the reality is like a checkmate dear, these feelings will soon fade away with the time as time is the most powerful weapon of the world.

But I know even the toughest hearts have suffered the pain of separating from the person whom you have loved at some point in time and I know one of the toughest parts of a break-up is not being able to contact the same person anymore and not having them in your life. 

Whether it was a face to face break-up, a phone call break-up or if it ended on social media ( which is horrible ) you must be feeling a lot of pain inside your heart and if you are wondering how to move on or get over a break-up, these are the listed 9 ways to get over a break-up.

1. Let it all out Always remember one thing straight in your mind: you don’t have to pretend to be alright for someone else’s sake, you don’t have to hide your emotions after going through bad experiences of your life alone. Remember that you are only human in the end therefore you need to say what you are feeling without hiding your true self behind the walls,  you need to let it all out, cry your eyes out if it feels better for your own sake, eat your favourite food, watch your favourite show, write in a notebook, do whatever you want to do to pamper yourself.

2. Don’t stay friends- Staying friends with your ex is a big no-no as it rarely works out. If they persuade you to consider them as your friend then don’t do it for the sake of attachment. They only want to be your friend after a break-up to be able to control the situation in any lighter way and staying friends with your ex won’t get you anywhere, you would not able to move on with your life while having their presence in your own, and if they ever wanted to be your friends they would have put you in a friend-zone before even starting a relationship with you.

3. Don’t start dating too soon- if you have recently broken up with your girlfriend/ boyfriend and to move on you want to get in the game again then stop right there as it will only be a “use and throw concept.” or to drain your emotions onto an innocent person which will be more toxic than ever before. However, if you want to set up your profiles on several dating sites just for the sake of searching for the fresh air to breathe then take the baby steps and don’t rush into any serious thing. 

4. Know yourself a little morelife after a break-up can be devastating especially if you are the one who got hurt, you must be in delusion to know what is wrong with you, and how to let of the emptiness which you are feeling inside your chest, and how to cope up with the pain you are feeling in your life. Therefore to know all the answers to your questions you need to know yourself a little more in a more subtle way as you must have plenty of alone time to direct your energies on a new hobby such as exercising, learning a skill, playing an instrument or doing whatever you like to restart your life.

5. Get rid of the memories- the trauma of a break-up can affect you on another level when you have too many memories with each other. However, you cannot wipe what is inside your brain but you can get rid of the memories of them by throwing in the trash whatever gift they have given you, whether it was a cute mug or your favourite t-shirt, to erase the memory whenever you see these items around you, you need to banish them anywhere away from your heart.

6. Don’t run back to them-  suffering from a breakup? If yes, then you don’t have to run back to them even if you can’t think straight of your mind. Running back to them will only give you false hope, a hope that is never going to be fulfilled. Therefore, it is better to stop dreaming about getting back to them as if they ever wanted you in their life; they have never broken your heart in the first place.

7. Spending time with your friends– separation from a partner hurts but what hurts, even more, is when you do not give time to your friends, these friends will do anything for you, from hearing you out in your lowest phase to helping you out whenever you need them. They are your backbone to stand strong still in this horrible phase. They won’t even make you feel alone and a season of laughter with them will only help to ease your pain.

8. Don’t try to make them jealous- 

Sometimes what occurs in our life radiate too much on our brain and we think if we pretend to be happy with someone else then it is going to impact their life, but you are all wrong, just for the sake of pretending you don’t need to post the happy pictures just for the sake of shoving it off under their nose. These things will only make the matter even worse.

9. Keep yourself busy-  getting over a relationship and feeling empty after you just broke up is hard as you have had a life with someone else, you have adjusted your things according to them and now? You are all alone with yourself. Therefore, to beat down this hazardous impression of the break-up you need to keep yourself busy. Plan the trip that you always wanted to go on, follow your passion with your heart and do whatever things you have extended for tomorrow as these are things which will guide you to heal after a break-up.

10. Do not give up on love-   yes, you had a beautiful relationship but it doesn’t turn out in your favour and now you have to suffer from heartbreak, sometimes after absorbing too many sentiments we give up on love and believe to stay single for the whole life. However, things don’t work this way, if you had a break-up it simply means that the person was not right for you and there is a right person in the crowd waiting for you. Therefore, to get over a breakup you don’t have to give up on love.

In the end, getting over a relationship is hard but nothing is hard in front of your willpower and self-respect.

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