Why do relationships suck in a millennial world?

Don’t get me wrong but do you have any idea of the reality check? 

I mean you are born in a millennial world where you have seen the world shifting in digital parameters from watching a movie on a cassette tape and then shifting it all over to the digital online platform.

Or if that is not enough to pin down the bubble of your living, then let me tell you that reality sucks! Especially if you are an old-school romantic who has been brought up with watching classic love stories and fairy tales. However, I know it’s hard to cope with the cruelty of the world when you are the only sane among the bursting poppers.

So here let me guide why it’s getting difficult to find a long-lasting relationship in a millennial world.

Everything is digital

The things being digital were fine in terms of work but when the relationship streamed over a digital platform, it started losing its charm. Now, suppose you met someone via the internet, had a daily chit-chat and then eventually, according to human nature, you had grown-up feelings;   which is at all acceptable but the fuss starts when it never comes out in real life. Your expectations to find a lover in real life broke out in the digital world, which you can’t even talk about because hey! You thought that this would work out in some way when the digital world was mostly full of crap.

Fear of commitment

Oh, the art of playing around has its way, but don’t worry you will see the bubble popping out when the burden of commitment will hang over your shoulders, this generation lacks commitment, the bar of responsibility is too big to hold that they let it slip away from their hands. Whether it is making promises in a relationship or working it out, our fear of commitment ruins everything.

We date for the sake of dating 

Ask yourself what was the last time, you were fond of someone, had the feelings, and worked it out? The answer might get you the shock that this generation is all about living with the hype of dating.  As we only date because we don’t want to be alone, we need someone to stick to and it doesn’t matter wherever we are leading ourselves as we being the millennial generation are afraid of staying alone, so we date for the sake of dating neglecting our actual interests.

We being the egocentric jerks

Ego in a relationship is a big no-no! Still, we know that human beings are egocentric as we are the most desirable creature in this world; we all think about our needs and ourselves first and foremost. Whether this is good or bad doesn’t matter; though I know It’s part of human nature but the problem arises when our egocentricity surpasses our ability to feel empathy and as human beings, we have no choice but to live and function within society, within communities of different sizes.

So When we focus on only ourselves, our needs, our wants and our desires, the needs of the others in our community get overlooked. When this happens in a relationship, it all begins to fall apart.

We are looking for unrealistic perfection

Mark my words and hear them loudly when I say, perfection is a myth! The idea of it already fooled our generation so sympathetically that they don’t get satisfied with whatever they had in their hands. We millennials are in a constant search of finding someone; who is ready to fit in our already established idea of perfection while neglecting those who are in raw form humans showing their generosity to us. 

And No matter how unrealistic our expectations are, the disappointment we feel when they aren’t achieved is very real, we might not be able to find the perfect one and I know it’s going to suck but it is the way it is.

Hookup culture

Being born in the ’90s you are admiring your loved ones, but hey! Wait for a second did you forget to step outside and see where this digital world is going? If not then let me give you a quick recap of how it’s going on- well, to be honest, the hookup culture is leaving our generation miserable and also unprepared. However, it is leaving our generation more unhappy because of the emotional journey that brings upon us. This is harmful because it makes people feel damaged and puts them in a state of mind that doing wrong is right.

Wake up Cinderella this is not a fairy tale

If you think that all the endings of your life are going to be beautiful,  then I must tell you it’s high time, you should wake up Cinderella, as this is not a fairy tale, it’s a real world where things sometimes suck, but you have to go on, move on, and live your life as the way you were living before. You cannot expect out of anywhere to put the right shoe at the right time, life is a process, a healing journey, and it doesn’t matter if some endings are going to make your blood boil, accept the process, and accept that the real world is way harmful than the fiction one, so stop dreaming and start facing your dilemmas of relationships.

Love is still a myth to us

Love can be the scariest emotion, can be the hardest one, it has layers to understand, it is a deeply rooted one, and sometimes, we don’t know what love is?  We try to meet its standards by our affection for someone, let me clarify it straightaway, love is still a myth to most of us. Because we think of love as our attraction to any living existence, however, it is not that simple, it has its desires, shortcomings, purpose and passion, you cannot just assume your attraction as love, because it will not be going to work out.

At the end of the day, every relationship, no matter how good it is, takes time and work. We have to be willing to make an effort if we ever want to develop something real, deep, and long-lasting with another human being.

I hope this blog helps you to find out why your relationships are not working out

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