Things not to do after a breakup

Breakups can be devastating and cruel. They change your life completely without giving you any warning, the ultimate forte is it gives you a sudden detachment from a person whom you have never thought you would get separated from any day while leaving you in a state where you can’t even think properly, it crushes your soul, mind and heart and in that salvation, you make the worst decisions of your life.

A breakup not only crushes your soul, but it also crushes your heart in every possible way. Therefore it is natural to feel impatient and vulnerable all the time as a breakup is a deep cut to your heart which takes time to heal. Hence, it is completely fine not to be resilient for some time as moving on from a breakup takes a lot when you are deeply hurt. Therefore, before you take any strong actions lets go through what you should not do after a breakup

1. Pretend to be friends-  Don’t ever think to remain friends with your ex even when it is trending as It’s the most stupid and absurd idea to do so. To remain friends even after a breakup or remain in contact with the person who broke your heart just for the sake of society and to show off is rubbish.

2. Stalking your Ex- To let go of the past you need to change your habits too as keeping an eye on your ex won’t give you any hope. It will only jeopardize your entire state of mind and leave you in a state of anxiety.

3. getting a new look- yes I can understand your heart is broken and it will take time to get mended again but remember taking any decisions in the act of rage is not a cool thing to do so. Don’t do anything which you will regret later.

4. Blaming yourself- yes you were in a relationship and yes you had a breakup but there is no way to find fault in yourself because it is not your mistake why did he or she leave you? Were you not capable enough for them? These aren’t the questions you should ask yourself and even after that, you feel a hollowness in your chest look for those who are single and happy because people will always come and go in your life, it is you who matters the most in your life.

5. Start dating too soon- processing a breakup and recovering from the old memories you want to thrust new memories into your mind with another person. Well, don’t you think it will take you nowhere as your mind will be more jumbled up than ever before therefore, instead to start dating again you should focus on yourself.

6. Being sucked into a new habit- to let go of the habit of having someone in your life you drag yourself into those habits which are dangerous for your life as consuming more and more alcohol, taking drugs and anti-depression pills. Instead of adopting these habits in your life, you should involve healthy habits in your life.

7. Keep pursuing your ex- Breakup is a brutal reality, but what brutal than that is to keep expectations of having them in your life again. You keep texting your ex in a hope that they will come back which you should have never done as the breakup is a big step taken by people after checking all the parameters and you should never bring down your self-esteem for anyone.

8. Overthinking- overthinking is a block in your mind that lets you believe you are in dark forever and keep thinking the same things again will drag you into the world more where you barely feel anything else. Therefore, you need to take a stand for yourself by stopping overthinking and feeling grateful for what you have in your life (your friends and your family.)

9. Creating a wall around yourself- suffering major heartbreak and going through the state of the breakup makes you believe that if you create a wall around yourself will keep you safe but sorry to burst your bubble things don’t work this way, by creating a wall around yourself you not only hurt yourself but you hurt your loved ones too for the sake of those people who broke your heart.

10. Eating more junk food- people say that when you eat more and more junk food you will feel better but what about your health? You are strong enough to understand eating more junk food will make you habitual to it which only leads you unhealthy life therefore, to build yourself stronger than ever you should focus more on meditation and yoga.

11. Blaming others- blaming others is the most ridiculous thing one does while passing through a stage of a breakup. It was you who was in a relationship with a person whom you loved and there was no one between you and your ex so it is absurd to blame others if your relationship didn’t work out.

12. Planning an act of revenge- if you think that getting revenge on your ex will solve everything then you are absolutely wrong. As you are a ray of hope and your ex is a disguised cloud who doesn’t deserve a single moment of your life or your importance again. Therefore, instead of planning an act of revenge focus on yourself.

13. Keep collecting old memories- yes you had your breakup, yes you are going through a storm of emotions right now and yes you had a lot of memories together with your ex but it is better to let go of all the memories you have with them if you want to keep yourself sane enough to exist happily again in your life.

14. Taking it all alone- you had your breakup that’s fine but what about your loved ones? Do you seriously think that consuming all the pain and never sharing anything with your friends and family will make you survive? No, you will not a heart takes time to heal especially if it had been brutally heart by someone close to you and to heal again you need to share your pain, you need to share your most vulnerable state, you need to cry if you want, you need to understand everything to understand the process of breakup.

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