9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter! 

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While we love the winter season, the snowfall, the warm hot chocolate, and the long cold nights, there is still something that winter brings out in us. 

The long-lasting effect of frigid winter on your skin makes it the dullest season of all time, despite bringing much joy into your life. It is a time when your skin goes through many changes, from being promising to exacerbating. And if you fail to notice the smallest changes in the textures or how it reflects against all the spooky weather, it can become the worst nightmare of your life. 

Thus this winter, take a stand for yourself and do not leave behind. This winter, learn to take better care of your skin than you have ever thought possible. After all, if you remain healthy, then only you can continue to live a happier life that other people can only dream about.

Tips to take care of your skin this winter 

Moisturize your skin thoroughly 

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Your skin produces oil that helps to protect and remain healthy for a longer period in the winter season. However, to take care of your skin more affectionately you need to forget about long hours of bathing and using hot water. For fresh skin use warm water instead, and moisture it later for getting over the hold of damp skin. Your skin is your treasure and in this freezing season of winter, you must take care of it. Therefore do it wisely, pamper yourself, and bring back the same confidence that you carry in the summer season to carry in today’s chilly weather and cold nights. 

Stay hydrated 

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Doesn’t matter whether you are inside or outside of your home, the air remains drier in the winter because it holds less moisture as humidity in the atmosphere remains very less. As a result, water starts to evaporate from your body easily. Hence, keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water, especially before and after any activity. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily and include high water content foods such as soup, salads, and juicy fruits to keep your water intake topped up and to improve your bad habits into good ones. 

Avoid winter tanning 

It is reasonable to assume that people like us want to enjoy the quality time under the shadow of the sun to feel its warmth. It works like magic to give us blissful hopes and an elegant aroma in the process. But as the seasons change, days become shorter and the proportion of sunlight decreases, making the tan fade away or difficult to maintain. Research also says that 80% of UV rays, compared to 15% on the beach, are reflected in the winter. Thus, make it a habit to remove winter tan with cooling cubes, papaya fixes, and much more. Though tanning is almost impossible to avoid in the winter, it may be beneficial to come into contact with the sun if you remain careful and take the proper steps to remove the tan. Also, exposure to sunlight is necessary for your skin to maintain accurate levels of vitamin D in your body.

Give your skin a massage every day 

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When the cold, hazy nights try to take revenge on you this winter, it is your responsibility to stay connected with yourself, spend time with yourself, and massage your skin on a daily basis. You must know that your skin is a gracious, elegant treasure in your life. Thus, it is your duty to massage, especially after exfoliating the skin, as it will assist in deep conditioning, and for that, you can also use aloe vera gel if you do not want to go with regular oil on some days. And at the end, massage your skin with oil or gel for some time, then later rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Protect yourself from the elements 

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The winter season is a cut to your heart when it comes to taking care of your skin. Still, you try to minimise its impact on yourself whenever you remain outside by carrying a pocket lip balm for your chapped lips. But what about other essentials? You should know that the combination of low humidity and the powerful winds directly attack your skin and make it dry, so always remember to take care of yourself with enough woollen clothes, a scarf to wrap around the delicate skin on your neck, and gloves to protect your hands. To summarize, it is important to look for skincare products, but it is not always necessary to use too many elements when you have enough woollen clothing to cover your delicate skin. 

Do not wear wet clothes for too long 

We all love monsoons and the winter season but a harsh fact is right here that wearing wet clothes in the winter season can affect your skin drastically as it will irritate your skin further and cause itchiness. Thus you should know that playing or walking in the snow is fine till you are there. As soon as you reach your home. You should be confident enough to remove the wet socks, pants and gloves as soon as possible in order to protect your skin and yourself from cold. 

Follow a daily skincare routine 

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You don’t have to follow an elaborate skincare routine this winter. You only need to be happy to follow a basic skincare routine that everyone follows to keep their skin refreshed and alive in stormy times. Therefore, start your day by cleansing your face in the morning and applying light daily moisture to lock the moisture in. At night, use a heavy moisturiser or cream, as your skin produces less oil and loses water. The pro tip is to apply the moisturiser to damp skin, as freshly washed skin absorbs moisture much better than absolutely dry skin.

Yoga & Exercise 

Sillhouete of a man doing yoga at a day time

Yes! I know how difficult it is to leave your warm blanket and the cosy aroma just to get yourself moving on a cold morning, but you should know that there are certain things that you have to do to get the perfect charm on your skin even in the most chilly season. Exercise helps to pump up your heart rate so that your heart can pump more blood to your organs and skin. In the winter, it gets difficult for your skin to keep itself healthy and glow naturally, so if you follow a daily routine of yoga and exercise, you will not only remain physically healthy and mentally fit in the lazy season but also have the lovely skin you want.

Eat healthy food 

Oh! The winter season could be the best of all times. From giving us the pleasure of witnessing the glorious streets covered with snow to sparking the little child in our inner selves, the winter season has given us all. And I can understand that in these times, all we want is to eat hot, deep-fried food to nourish our souls, but it is not always appealing to do so. Avoid eating unhealthy junk food in excess, even on days when your relationships are suffering or you are in the midst of a breakup. During this stage, your mood swings become critical and force you to eat all the junk food. It would be beneficial if you could include more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products, and anti-microbial spices in your diet to avoid colds and infections.

Winter is a splendid season to enjoy and to know yourself a little more, but it comes with cons too. Thus, this winter takes care of your skin, follow your passion and enjoy it with all of your heart. 

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