What’s your passion and its level?

So ladies and gentlemen close your eyes and ask yourself what is your passion?
Do you see the colour of the sky getting transitions according to your thoughts or are you still clueless and stuck in your job?

Well, the answer must be not a vigilant one, but to find your passion, the aspects you love most essentially, which you have no idea is going to change your inclusive life promptly.

Now, let’s start it from the beginning where you were the kid at the age of ten who had no idea what is going to be his/her passion

Oh, I think you are still stuck in the loop so let me reverse the time again to find you staring at the same clock over and switching your personalities when everyone around you is already on the path of their discovery.

As we all know the way the universe work and the way we are god’s special children who are moulded by his hands so we must have something in us for we are passionate about.

Now, let me tell you a story about Tina.

Tina was the girl with high grades up to her school. She never cared about what she loved, she always performed everything according to the social pressures, now Tina is all grown up, she is working in a Multinational company, playing with numbers which she doesn’t even care about, and waiting to retire at the age of sixty already because she doesn’t have any freedom to explore the things which she loves to do.

So, to find your passion, you must ask yourself what is the thing you love to do?
Is it writing or singing? Is it being an artist or being a photographer?

If yes then let’s see how you are going to find what is your passion and its level psychologically-

What is passion?

Passion is something that is a strong inclination toward a specific activity that people love to do or invest their time, money, or energy.

And according to self-development theory passion has two types-

Harmonious passion-

A passion that comes from inside autonomously makes individuals choose between the activity they like and invest their time in nourishing it. This kind of passion motivates individuals every day, every minute and brings joy and peace of mind to their daily to daily activities.

It has three components to let you decide what is your passion-

(1) Self-esteem– The topmost level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs put self-esteem or actualization on top of its pyramid. The desire to find yourself that brings self-confidence evolves your energy booster creates a self-belonging site and gives you the feeling of competence and relief for the rest of your life

(2) flexibility- the passion of your life provides the chance to be flexible about it the way to your goal. It is a dynamic process that unfolds itself to the demand of the environment, how a person makes himself/herself flexible to the ever-changing atmosphere to process their goal even though you are facing extreme difficulty in getting them.

(3) openness- your passion demands freedom to explore the things of the world in a non-offensive way. It should be focusing on the task and consequently ready to experience the wind of progression with your life.

Obsessive passion-

When your passion becomes an obsession it fills your chivalrous brain into engrossing you in a particular activity that your life starts getting controlled by an internal pressure to engage in an activity that a person likes.

It also has three components to let you check whether you are obsessing over a passion or not

(1) Rigid Persistence– The obsession with something always creates a disaster, and in this kind of passion an individual becomes rigid to a particular activity that he/she forgets about the existence of the world. The obsessive passion starts to control the life of an individual and before you realize it is out of your hand to stop it.

(2) Negative experience– what if your passion tries to hold your life too much that at one duration of time you reach the point where you can’t live without it? And maybe to pursue it, you put your life and your loved one’s life in danger. If yes! Then this is the biggest negative sign of obsessive passion.

(3) Indications of burnout-
When you get into the constant involvement of the same patterns, the workload you find yourself getting more anxious to achieve the goal you have set for yourself, and that passion of yours starts to deprive your thoughts too much that you can’t resist but withdraw yourself into its depths that are the explanations it causes burnout for the rest of your life.

So, after peeking into your brain and deciding what is your passion! ask yourself if it is a harmonious one or an obsessive one?

I hope this blog lets you discover what is your passion and what can it brings you at what cost.

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