7 ways to overcome your overthinking now!

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The constant circle that hooks you drive your mind crazy for a moment and then leaves you with a bundle of never-ending thoughts is called overthinking. 

In my words, overanalyzing and thinking again even the smallest things of your life create a disaster in the way you proceed with your mind. 

Whether it is getting stuck into a loophole or over-consuming the positive thoughts of your life it has the power to drain your energy so that you forget how to be sane enough again.

Now the question is why people cannot live happily the way they want to be? 

Why are they always stuck in their world? 

What’s the problem they can’t cope with?

 Well, the people with overthinking have the most traumatized power to make every happy thing into a jeopardizing one until they are left with nothing.

But don’t worry just like you, people have faced overthinking issues that made them build up different scenarios regularly in their minds.

And in the past years, many have learned how to make this issue so small that it rarely pops up anymore. And if it does then they know what to do to overcome it.

In this article, I’d like to share 7 habits that have helped people in a big, big way to become simpler and smarter thinkers and to live a happier and prosperous life.

Go on a long walk-

The first step to overcoming your overthinking is to go on a long walk, live in the moment where you are right now, and notice the things in your surroundings because when you start to notice life around yourself then you will understand how happy can be the smallest things of life, once you start to let go some thoughts of your mind you will understand how long walks help you to live in the moment and forget about everything of the world.

Accept the past and move on- 

Overthinking can be hideous and devastating if you are still stuck on your past, as the past has its ways to peek inside your head, and overthinking makes it more tedious the way you think the same things more and more without putting a full stop to it. So let me give you grateful advice: to let go of the mournful past, you have to accept it and move on. Accept who you are, accept the ways you do things and focus only on the present.

Learn to say no in the situations where you don’t want to be

The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is why overthinking occurs? Maybe I can help you out with my own words. Most commonly it occurs when you cannot refuse someone, or have no idea about how to say a simple no, as you don’t want to hurt another person, who is as compassionate as you are, but wait for a second and remind these things thoroughly in your mind, when you let go of a simple no without making things firm and clear in your mind, it leads to overthinking as the constant loophole creates in your mind and makes the matter even worse,  

Face your fear without being a damsel in distress  

close your eyes and ask yourself- are you a damsel in distress or an infinite power of this world?

The biggest hurdle to stop overthinking is when you act like a damsel in distress with no power, no severity in your hands, I mean you cannot just assume that by running away from all your fears you are going to stop overthinking right? And if you do so then rectify it right now! Face your fears with that strength that has always been hidden somewhere inside your heart. Climb that mountain, take a deep dive into that sea, and paint the picture you always wanted to be without worrying about the outcome, as your fears are the biggest hurdle to overcome overthinking right now! 

Get an immense amount of sleep

To keep your head sane in the world you have to sleep at the right moment without worrying about the present, past and future, 

Because as far as I know the tabs of your brains open up at night when you cannot do anything just stare at the blank wall while shifting timidly on that drenched bed sheet without incurring a word as you have so much in your mind and the most horrifying things are; it will never let you sleep peacefully at night. But once you understand the loop, the constant burning flame of your mind, then you will realise it’s a circle, a never-ending circle and to break a circle you simply have to cut it down, break the loop and simply sleep at night

Write your thoughts on paper-

If you have a pen and a paper then you can rule the world, yes I know it may sound strange to you but the truth always remains the truth and the reality is ahead of you waiting for you to accept it. Write everything on the paper whatever you are feeling right now, at the present moment and then check it a little later, and then you will understand how sulking can be your overthinking which leads to anxiety. How it strangely affects your mind and makes you think about the worst possible scenarios of your life while writing it down on paper will help you to break the circle of overthinking to live your upcoming years peacefully.

Think less and do more action

When you think more and more without taking a decision or doing any action, it can make you fall into an expanding circle of overthinking. The trap is as disastrous as the advertisement which appears in your favourite movie when you get hooked on it. So to overcome the most crucial feeling you have to think less and do more actions, do not just sit there in your comfort zone and think about how you are not going to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve, instead of thinking about it, take the strings of the universe’s power in your hands and become the master of your life with your powerful hands. Doing more action, building good habits and accomplishing your set-up goals will make you think less and reduce your overthinking level into a forgetful one.

I hope this blog helps you to overcome the level of your overthinking now!

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