7 ways to overcome your overthinking now!

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The constant circle that ensnares your mind, driving you momentarily insane and leaving you with a bundle of never-ending thoughts, is called overthinking.

In my words, overanalyzing and repeatedly contemplating even the smallest aspects of your life can create a disastrous way of approaching things. Getting trapped in this loop of overconsumption of positive thoughts can drain your energy and leave you struggling to maintain your sanity.

Now, the question arises: Why can’t people live the way they want to? Why do they find themselves perpetually ensnared in their thoughts? What’s the problem they can’t cope with? Individuals plagued by overthinking possess the remarkable ability to turn every joyful experience into a perilous one, often leaving them with nothing.

But don’t worry; just like you, people grappling with overthinking issues construct different scenarios in their minds regularly.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned how to diminish this issue to the point where it rarely surfaces anymore. And if it does, I know what to do to overcome it.

In this article, I’d like to share eight habits that have helped me simplify my thinking and live a happier and healthier life. But before that let’s shed some light on symptoms of overthinking.

Overthinking Symptoms 

  • Persistent worry 
  • Negative thinking 
  • Repetitive thoughts 
  • Physical tension 
  • Procrastination 
  • Social withdrawal 
  • Impact on Relationships 
  • Mental Exhaustion

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is time to stop worrying and follow the tips to stop overthinking 

How to stop overthinking?

How to stop overthinking and negative thoughts is a common question nowadays, but you do not have to worry, you will receive all the answers to all your questions. Just grab your popcorn bucket and scroll down.

Go on a long walk

The first step to overcoming overthinking is to take a long walk, immerse yourself in the present moment, and observe your surroundings. When you begin to notice the life around you, you will realize the immense happiness that even the smallest things in life can bring. Once you let go of the recurring thoughts in your mind, you’ll come to understand how long walks can help you fight off overthinking symptoms and let you live in the moment. 

Accept the past and move on

Overthinking can be hideous and devastating if you are still stuck on your past, as the past has its ways of peeking inside your head, and overthinking makes it more tedious the way you think the same things more and more without putting a full stop to it. So let me give you grateful advice: to let go of the mournful past, you have to confidently accept it and move on.

Learn to say no to the situations where you don’t want to be

The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is why overthinking occurs. Perhaps I can provide some insight in my own words. Most commonly, it occurs when you cannot refuse someone or have no idea how to say a simple ‘no.’ You may not want to hurt another person, especially someone as compassionate as you are. 

However, take a moment to consider these things carefully. When you fail to assert a simple ‘no’ without making your boundaries firm and clear in your mind, it leads to a constant question of how to control overthinking. This constant loop in your mind exacerbates the situation and makes it even worse.

Face your fear without being a damsel in distress  

The biggest hurdle in how to stop overthinking is when you act like a damsel in distress, with no power or authority in your hands. I mean, you cannot just assume that by running away from all your fears, you are going to stop overthinking, right? If you do so, then rectify it right now! Face your fears with the strength that has always been hidden somewhere inside your heart. 

Climb that mountain, take a deep dive into that sea, and paint the picture you’ve always wanted without worrying about the outcome because your fears are the biggest hurdle to overcome in stopping overthinking right now.

Get an immense amount of sleep

To maintain your sanity in this world, you must sleep at the right moment without worrying about the present, past, and future.

Because, as far as I know, the gates of your mind swing open at night. when you can do nothing but stare at the blank wall, shifting timidly on those drenched bedsheets without uttering a word. You have so much on your mind, and the most horrifying thing is that it will never let you sleep peacefully at night. 

But once you understand the loop, the constantly burning flame within your mind, then you will realize it’s a circle, a never-ending circle. To break free from this circle, and to know how to control overthinking you simply have to cut it down, break the loop, and allow yourself to sleep at night.

Write your thoughts on paper

If you have a pen and paper, you can change the world. I know it may sound strange, but the truth always remains the truth, and reality awaits your acceptance. Write down everything you’re feeling right now, in this present moment, and then revisit it a little later. You will understand how detrimental overthinking and stress can be. It strangely affects your mind, leading you to contemplate the worst possible scenarios in your life. Writing it down on paper will help you break the cycle and give you the answer to how to overcome overthinking and live the upcoming years more peacefully.

Think less and do more action

When you engage in constant thinking without making decisions or taking action, you can easily find yourself trapped in an ever-expanding circle of overthinking. This trap is as detrimental as those intrusive advertisements that disrupt your favourite movie when you’re engrossed in it.

To overcome this overwhelming feeling, it’s essential to reduce your thinking and increase your actions. Don’t just remain in your comfort zone, pondering how you won’t achieve what you’ve always wanted. Instead of dwelling on it, seize the strings of the universe’s power, and become the master of your life with your capable hands. To truly live, enjoy, feel, and achieve, you must take action and experience life firsthand, without continuous overthinking for the rest of your days.

I hope this blog helps you to overcome your overthinking now!

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