10 things to stop doing right now!

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Running out of happiness? Well, life has taken a rollercoaster ride, especially after covid times. And since we are on the verge of ending 2021. It’s your call of duty to seek inside your brain, or heart whatever you are obliged to and ask yourself what are the things that are exploiting your inner peace which is difficult to digest, but you need to understand that happiness is not just an ecstatic pleasure and there can be an endless number of reasons that things are not be going as you planned they would. But not all of them are external. You can succeed by taking control of your life and changing what you believe needs to be changed. Here is a list of 10 things to stop doing right now to lead your life in the direction you want.

Stop being a follower

The first thing to stop doing right now is to stop being a follower you must know what you are ought to be, what is your favourite stake at the end, and what makes you indifferent to others. Then you should certainly stop being a follower, as following only means becoming a face in a lucid crowd without any acknowledgement of change.

Stop explaining to everyone

The second thing to stop doing right now is to stop explaining yourself to other people, especially to those who don’t care about who you are, what you want to be, and the outcome of your certain commandants of the act. If you go on explaining yourself to every other person you get confronted with, there would be more expectations and with such a burden of probabilities, life becomes hard.

Stop trying to be perfect 

The third thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop being perfect and stop seeing the hallucinating version of yours. You are not here to become a perfect icon of the world. No, neither you are here to prove anybody except to yourself. So, be it that way, accept yourself as you are, and make the world see you as an indifferent person because nothing as perfect exists in the real world.

Do not rely on others 

The fourth thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop relying on others. Do your work on your own, if there would be fewer expectations from others then there would be more freedom, and more freedom will allow you to explore more and more without asking others to do it for you. Actions according to what fits in one person’s mind can only be done if one accepts the way without relying on others. For example- if you want to write a song, do it by yourself do not rely on others for it, there would be immense pleasure in doing it with your hands.

Stop dreaming, starts doing

The fifth thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop dreaming and start doing whatever you have always wanted to do. In a detailed manner, the things which you want to do in the practical world, whether it be travelling, achieving the next goal which you set for yourself, or starting a start-up. Whatever your heart tells you to do, do it! Because it’s the right time to stop dreaming and start doing.

Stop ignoring signs 

The sixth thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop ignoring signs. You must understand how the way the universe works. It always gives you signs to let you understand the better opportunities of the future or the mournful past that always pops up in your head. It always gives you an idea or whole picture of how things can be done, where you have to stop, or to whom you have to associate, so it’s the right time to stop ignoring signs instead you should take them very meaningfully to live your life peacefully.

Do not stress too much 

The seventh thing you need to stop doing right now is taking too much stress. When you think too much, it makes you fall into the circle of anxiety which makes things even worse than the simple act of doing your most beloved things. It’s a well-known and truthful fact that stressing too much can cause you trauma while making you less efficient. With too much in mind, you cannot concentrate on your goals.

Stop being so selfish

The eighth thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop being so selfish! A selfish person cannot rejoice in the process of joyful existence. A person who always thinks about himself without thinking about the sorrow of others cannot live heartily, nor can he fulfil his dreams. As success doesn’t come by the hard work of one person only. It always comes with the great acceptance and encouragement of others. And if you want to see yourself on top then you must take care of people who are always with you without any questions and doubt as these are those people who are laying a ladder for you to reach the top. 

Stop procrastination

The ninth thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop procrastination. When you delay things for tomorrow it never gets completed on time. And your goals never get achieved. If you feel like you cannot do it anymore, then take a break and go for a long walk, set the deadlines to achieve your goal, make yourself more organized and reward yourself at the end when you clear all the hurdles to achieving your well-established goals.

Stop associating yourself with negative people 

The last thing you need to stop doing right now is to stop associating yourself with negative people. It’s high time to let you know who is wrong and right for you. If you see yourself getting bashed by a certain class of society then you should never make them your acquaintance. Put your efforts into the right people who always take a stand for you, always encourage you, and believe in your dreams rather than those who laugh at you, while abandoning you whenever you need them.

I hope this blog helps you out with certain things in your life and make you succeed even more towards your goals.

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