11 signs you are an introvert

Introverts are not those angels whom you dream about at night or those devils who don’t let you sleep in the twilight. They simply are humans with more compassion than others in being inward-looking, in fact being an introvert is one of the personality traits identified in many theories of personality.

And when someone asks you what is introversion? your mind automatically slips to that person in your family or in your group who feels hesitant coming out in a crowded place, who is still a mystery for you to solve, who remains quiet until he gets his comfort. Might be there is no one in your known with symptoms of introversion but when you thought about yourself as you are currently sitting in your room, curled into a blanket avoiding the rest of the world because you think reading a book is better for you rather than human interactions then you should know who you actually are, what is your personality type, and what are the signs making you an introvert.

Signs you are an introvert

1.  You enjoy being alone-

A man is full of motivation climbs onto the building

the only thing that excites you the most about being an introvert, you love being alone not because you don’t like other people but because in the solitude you get time for yourself, to collect on your thoughts, to find your creativity, to know about yourself a little more, and to seek inside your brain to know what you want to do next, in the alone time you don’t feel discomfort and unhappiness. As solitude brings peace to your mind and helps you to get recharge for the next outcomes of your life.

2. You tend to believe in serious relationships-

generally, introverts don’t believe in dating for the sake of getting a partner, they don’t believe in one-night stands, and flings for the god’s sake. they actually want to invest their time with some who understand them well, who try to know them better for who they are, therefore, they generally prefer to build some serious relationships if they ever think about dating. As for them, it’s too much to handle while involving emotions, feelings, and desires which results in believing in serious relationships for introverts.

3. You are a good listener-

have you ever met a fairy? A human fairy can be anyone who listens to you when you want to rant about whatever you are feeling, i.e, your sorrow, your pain. Who will be available to support you emotionally whenever you need them? An introvert is a human fairy too who will listen about all your problems, and because of introverts’ comfort, you will be able to let go of hard feelings from your chest that you would not be able to share with anyone and sometimes when you will look at yourself you will realise you are human fairy too.

4. You prefer quality over quantity-

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An introvert generally prefers quality over quantity. If you are an introvert you should observe about yourself that you have three of four friends with whom you hang out every time as they have been your friends for years and they know you more than anyone. You don’t prefer to invest your time with several people who mean nothing to your life as showing off isn’t your personality character.

5. Too much socialising drains your energy- if you are still confused about your personality then you should notice your socialising skills and ask yourself questions, are you a character who always looks bubbly, Chatters too much and always get ready to hang out? well if not then you must be an introvert on the other side of the line who doesn’t like to talk too much, avoids socialising as much as possible and tries to avoid small interactions every time someone tries to approach you.

6.  You have a hard time trusting others-

being an introvert you must have a hard time trusting others as it’s in your personality that you take time and believe in taking baby steps, you walk on the ladder barefoot in an attempt to build trust in someone that’s why you give your 100% in this juncture and if your trust gets broken you feel shattered because you put your heart in the platter and when it gets used( in a breakup) you feel devastated.

7. You avoid conflicts-

Two friends are arguing with each other

 being an introvert gives you the insight to prevent unnecessary drama as much as you can. getting into irrelevant fights, drama, or arguments only strive your emotions too much and you enjoy living in your peace rather than explaining to someone those things which you have not done.

8. You are expressive and better at writing than speaking-

An open ink pen with its cap is put on a paper note

 An introvert is the one who prefers to write than speak as it’s easier for you to write your thoughts and cultivates your mind in every possible way rather than transferring them into the art of speaking. As words mean everything to them they rather enjoy getting handwritten letters and sometimes books as their birthday present.

9. You avoid meeting new people-

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one of the biggest signs to characterize  Your personality as an introvert is that you avoid meeting new people, and you don’t like getting stuck in the crowd as meeting new people can drain your enthusiasm, can physically and mentally exhaust you while you must be thinking or better overthinking that it can worsen if you remain like this for most of your time so let me assure with these prominent words that you can meet people if you have to if there is an urgency and I think that’s the most obvious character of your personality.

10. You zone out most of the time- introverts are considered shy and sometimes rude because they do not take interest in initiating the conversation first as they get busy in their own little world while observing every small thing that is around them which gives other people wrong impression of having their disinterest in any conversation and their lack of enthusiasm gives them the taboo of rude when they are not.

11. Confidence is a big thing for you- 

A girl put both hands on her cheeks and looked down like thinking something

hang in there you must have realised what is your personality type but the biggest thing you need to know about being an introvert is that building confidence isn’t easy for you as it takes baby steps for your to build the motivation factor in your heart which gives you all the energy to shout at the top of the world that you can do what you want to go only your progress is slow.

I know there must be plenty of things in your mind but I am sure you have realised till now what is your personality and who you are.

Comment down which of the sign relates to you the most and are you feeling introverted yet or not?

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