Ikigai: the treasure of your life

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A phenomenon of Japan that has exploded the world with its power, but do you know what it is?

IKI is a Japanese word that means “life,” and GAI is the word that means significance. Now, look at it carefully, the connection is right ahead of you when you see Ikigai again with your bizarre mind!  Ikigai is the term linked with discovering a useful meaning in your life.

Why is it valuable? 

Is there any purpose you have to accomplish?

Or to find a secret treasure that is hidden inside you, as according to the ikigai factor, you can only find your treasure when you know your real value!  When you know your passion then maybe you will be fully concentrated on your life and bravo! Soon  You will start enjoying your day-to-day life practices to live a wonderful life.

What can it give you? 

The Japanese sensation can get you a modest way of staying youthful while growing aged and no! It’s not done with an antiaging cream or the capsules which must have been seen somewhere on the internet, the Japanese mystery to living a  happy life gives a sense of objective to every day and it gives- 

Way of thinking– An optimistic attitude wins the entire globe with its understanding level, as the humans who live happier and longer lives have the futuristic outcome to live the life they want. 

It gives a strong sense of strength to defeat the obstacles so that you will be able to mould yourself according to the surroundings of your life.

Passion–  Passion is what describes you! A perfect inclination towards a specific activity that you are willing to do for the rest of your life!

An ikigai is all about finding the treasure that is hidden inside your heart which never lets you sleep at night until you start making progress towards it.

Flow– The authors of Ikigai have observed to the professionals who have found their ikigai whether they were artists, writers, dancers or painters all have one thing in common and that was they had a flow in their work,  they dedicated their whole life to their passion and that’s why ikigai is called a hidden treasure finding inside you.

Anti-ageing secrets- 

“Ogimi”, the village that holds the Guinness world record of longevity, has suggested keeping working while following your passion until you die or when you become too old to hold even a stick, as sitting too much will only make you snore even more 

balanced Ikigai diet-   a balanced ikigai diet in the words of the authors of the sensational book was eating a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables. As variety is the key to nurture in the environment even more prominently.  

What is your Ikigai? 

The initial step in discovering your ikigai is to ask various queries that have been forming in your mind, from pursuing your passion to your growth to change, from what you are adequate at to what the world wants. Ikigai will be summoned up somewhere in between these four questions   

man walking on the gray asphalt road

1. What do you love? (Passion)

The first question is to ask yourself what is your ikigai?  Is it humming a song or building your art in real life? Is it writing prose or playing your favourite sport? If you have no idea what you love then ask yourself what’s the most astonishing thing in this world which never lets you get bored.

2. What are you good at? (Profession)

 Now, it’s the time to peek inside your head and ask yourself what works for you as a profession?

Are you a developing Artist who is not just passionate about his work but creating a change in the world by his influence, or are you the CEO of a big company who loves monitoring everyone under his leadership? The question is- whatever it is, you need to discover what you are good at to attain the second level of discovering your ikigai.

3. What the world wants (Mission)

Are you an individual who stands tall and thinks beyond the box to ask what’s the want of this world? 

Perhaps you need to speculate when you see the environment around you altering, does it click in your head? As in the millennial world, significant industries can only be set up to provide what the world wants, not what you are already providing.

4. What can you get paid for? (Vocation)

Everything wants a change As we all know, the laws of the universe demand change. It’s said that the most precious thing a human being possesses is its skills. As even a car manufacturing company makes changes to its model every year then why not adapt yourself to the flow of the world? 

Renovate your skills from time to time before they get old and cannot be accepted in the market anymore. 

In my words, the potential to change is the biggest optimistic indication to find your ikigai.

My opinion 

Ikigai is different for every person, it is not defined, especially for someone. It is not something that makes you wonder about your life, even more, It’s about finding your purpose, your joy, your only responsibility to yourself and your passion. 

As the modern world only makes you run for money, power, and attention while disregarding the meaning of life, don’t let this habit consume your life. Trust your power and intention to follow those things you enjoy, those things which create meaning and purpose in your life. So, stop thinking too much, as life is not a complex question, it is a way to find yourself in the whole world. keep following your passion, surround yourself with your loved ones, trust your wisdom and be optimistic about being who you are, then maybe one day you will be able to find your ikigai.

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