Movies And Series To Watch on Netflix in March 2024

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Stuck in your boring routine and want to avoid going out in the rush and busy outer world? Well, it’s time to reverse the clock and return to the happy days because you must be lucky this time. Netflix is back with a bang with juicy shows and highly anticipated movies to make the march the most fascinating month of the year. 

Now forget about the gloomy days when you recently had a heartbreak. You’ve conquered February gracefully! Congratulations!  It’s time to keep your head high as March brings daffodils, chocolate eggs, longer days, and exciting Netflix upcoming movies to enjoy.

Get ready to welcome March with new dramas like ‘Damsel’ starring Millie Bobby Brown, ‘Shirley’ starring Regina King, and blockbuster hits like ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ On the episodic front, look out for the final season of ‘Young Royals’ and the new sci-fi epic ‘3 Body Problem’ from the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Here’s a roundup of the top new movies on Netflix 2024 films and TV shows arriving next month.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Release Date- 1 March 

Yay, it’s finally March when you will witness the shift in the season, and you may like to drink more lemonade, but what’s greater than that is the good news that every cinema lover is waiting to hear! Netflix upcoming movies or series in March 2024 will knock you out with the treat for those who are fans of dramas! Multiple seasons of the iconic CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are coming to Netflix this month. While there are different versions of CSI, the original series set in Las Vegas will debut on UKL screens. So this month, buckle up your seat belts and join the forensic crime scene investigators as they work to catch criminals in the City of Sin. 

The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping

Release date- 5 March

New Netflix Movies 2024 keeps churning documentary series about shocking and scary things, and March is no different.  A new one called “The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping” mainly focuses on The Academy at Ivt Ridge. This was a place where teenagers who were considered troubled were taken after being kidnapped by their parents. In the main streamline, the series documents the extreme abuse pupils faced as well as psychological and emotional manipulation that forced them to confess to bad behaviour they never committed. 


Release Date- 1 March 

Are you ready to watch New movies on Netflix 2024? Prepare for the science fiction adventure film hitting Netflix Movies 2024 in March. 

Adapted from Jaroslav Kalfař’s 2017 novel, “Spaceman of Bohemia,” this movie tells the story of Jakub Procházka, played by a melancholic Adam Sandler. He stars as a lonely astronaut travelling through space, guided by Paul Dano, who plays a giant tarantula alien offering wisdom. Sandler, known for comedy, has ventured into more serious roles lately, such as in “Uncut Gems” and “Hustle.” In “Spaceman,” he portrays Jakub, an astronaut reflecting on life while floating in space. With the help of an ancient alien, he decides to reconcile with his wife (played by Carey Mulligan) back on Earth. In short, it is a world where everything can happen. So, if you love the unpredictability, this is a sign for you to grab your popcorn and watch Spaceman on your list of Netflix movies 2024.

Full Swing (season 2)

Release date- 6 March

With the stock of the best New movies on Netflix 2024, there are series too. Netflix has established itself in sports documentaries with hits like Formula 1: Drive to Survive and BreakPoint. Full Swing follows suit by delving into professional golf, featuring stars like Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, and Luke Donald. Unlike Drive to Survive, Full Swing doesn’t focus on one tournament but explores the broader landscape of the sport. Season 2 will cover events such as the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and the Ryder Cup. So, all the sports lovers out there, get ready to explore the world where your imagination will finally hit reality. 

The Gentlemen

Release date- 7 March

Do you remember Guy Ritchie’s film “The Gentlemen,” released in 2020, which introduced us to London’s cannabis underworld? Four years later, we’re returning to that world as a series. In the hit list of Netflix movies 2024, “The Gentlemen” series comes as a fresh swirl of air that will continue Ritchie’s original story, featuring characters played by Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, and Charlie Hunnam, among others. Theo James stars as Eddie Horniman, the Duke of Halstead, who gets caught up in East London’s drug scene. With its classic Ritchie style and cast, including Ray Winstone, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Giancarlo Esposito, and Vinne Jones, it promises to be an exciting ride for all the cinematic lovers who are waiting for the arrival of out-of-the-box series or New movies on Netflix 2024


Release date- 8 March

In the list of  New movies on Netflix 2024, Damsel will give you a tour of the fantasy world. Being the Netflix original movie, Damsel is an upcoming American dark fantasy film. Story. In the storyline, Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie, a brave girl facing a bloodthirsty dragon in a remote mountain cave. Although she’s a bit distressed, it’s understandable, given the situation! Elodie agrees to marry a prince but discovers she’s been tricked into becoming bait for an old debt. Now, she’s stuck with the dragon, using only her smarts to escape.

Young Royals (season 3)

Release date- Part 1 – 11 March, final episode – 18 March

The most popular and beloved Swedish teen series, Young Royals, will conclude in March with its third and final season, and it’s definitely on the list of the series and New Netflix movies 2024 you should watch. The show follows the love story between Edvin, a Swedish prince, and Omar, a fellow student at their prestigious boarding school. Since its debut in 2021, the show gained popularity beyond Sweden. While the first two seasons focused on the uncertain romance between Edvin and Omar, season 3 sees them publicly declaring their love. As the series wraps up, fans wonder if they will stay together forever. So, are you ready to see the love story in March on Netflix yet?

The Matrix Resurrections

Release date- 9 March

Nearly two decades after the original Matrix trilogy concluded, Lana Wachowski returns solo to revive Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus for a new adventure.  Under Netflix’s upcoming movies, Matrix Resurrections is ready to take the story to another level when it takes place 60 years after ‘Revolutions,’ with Neo living an ordinary life as Thomas Anderson, a video game developer. When Morpheus reappears, Neo is pulled back into the Matrix, which is now more powerful and dangerous than ever. ‘Resurrections’ is likely the final chapter in the series, offering a fitting conclusion to the quadrilogy. 

Irish Wish

Release date: 15 March 2024

Are you a Lindsay Lohan fan? Well, tighten your seat belts as new movies on Netflix 2024 are here to fulfil all your wishes. Kudos to Lindsay Lohan for her commitment to bringing more romantic comedies to our screens. Following her recent holiday film ‘Falling for Christmas,’ she’s now set to release ‘Irish Wish.’ Despite its title, the trailer suggests the movie may not feature Irish characters. Lohan stars as Maddie, who travels to Ireland for a friend’s wedding after her romantic disappointment. There, she makes a wish that unexpectedly comes true, leading to a love triangle. It seems like the perfect blend of cheesy and enjoyable.

3 Body Problem

Release date: 21 March

It’s time for all science fiction lovers to gather and get excited about the New movies on Netflix 2024 because 3 Body Problem is a high-concept sci-fi series that will hit Netflix on March 21. With big ambitions and a star-studded team that includes Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, Spanning decades from 1960s China to the present day, it follows a group of scientists tackling a problem that could unravel the laws of nature. With its epic scope, this Netflix series promises to be a must-watch event of the year.

Top Gun: Maverick

Release date: 22 March

We’re certain that if Tom Cruise had his way, “Top Gun: Maverick” would never be counted in New Netflix movies 2024; it would stay in cinemas indefinitely, raking in millions. However, it’s arriving on the streaming service this March. If you missed the sequel to the 1986 classic during its box office run, now’s your opportunity. All the cinema lovers like me will judge you for this. But it’s your call if you’re eager to watch it for the umpteenth time and feel the rush as Cruise pulls G’s in his fighter jet.


Release date: 22 March

Like its affinity for true crime documentaries and vibrant reality shows, new movies on Netflix 2024 are getting more focused on biopics of unsung heroes from history. This month’s feature is “Shirley,” with Regina King portraying political pioneer Shirley Chisholm, who bravely ran for president in 1972 amid pervasive racism and sexism. With Regina King’s powerful performance, her second Oscar nomination seems almost certain. So, if you love history as much as I do, get hot chocolate in a mug and binge-watch the Netflix upcoming movies to spend your weekend at home with the family

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