9 ways to improve your mental health

Do you know there are several people around the world suffering from anxiety and depression? Still, they are trying to survive as much as they can so they can stand up on their own and do everything they want to do without hurting themselves or their loved ones.

However, there are some people like us too who don’t care about anything, and who laugh when anyone talks about mental health and creates jokes about it. As we have never suffered the disturbing loops of it. But you must have noticed in yourself that something is going wrong with you, you can’t feel goofy now, you started to hate everything, and you just can’t be yourself even after spending the most beautiful years of life on this earth.

Ever thought about what might be wrong with you?

Ever thought about why you cannot be happy again?

If not, then don’t worry, I know what is wrong with you, and why you are feeling as clueless as a sky without stars.

The concern is your mental health is bizarre at the most obnoxious stage of your life. Holding you tight to push you into a circle of anxiety so that you can forget who you are in real life. But you don’t have to worry, as the brightness of the sun takes away all the darkness you can also improve your mental health by building these habits.

1.  Yoga & Meditation-

The woman is doing Vrikshasana or tree yoga pose in front of the sun

Yoga & Meditation are not only practised to stay fit physically but also to stay fit mentally. It improves your strength and ability to think while keeping your heart healthy. It nourishes your soul and gives a new direction to your life. It also reduces stress in your life as it directly connects you with your inner self to discover yourself more closely.

2. Take a break from social media-  

The girl deeply looks at the nature

Social media is the biggest myth spreading restlessly all over the world. It makes you think that you are less worthy as you compare yourself to those who do not even exist in your life. You start your day with a notification from social media and end up following the same ritual while crying over those people who don’t even care about you. And this way you affect your mental health. That’s why you should know taking a break from social media won’t only clear your mind but also brings confidence and positivity to your life.

3. Talk to someone-

Two friends are sitting together one has put her hand on another

Generally, people isolate themselves whenever they feel low. The mindset makes them think that if they don’t say anything to anyone or won’t express themselves it will become all right and their relationships won’t be affected. The sedimentation of thought processes makes them more vulnerable and they tend to hide behind the walls in a hope that no one will ever know what they are going through but the hardest truth is here with a fling to say that you are wrong. You need to talk to someone if you are going through something that is affecting your mental health.

4. Go for a walk-

A woman walking on the beach

If you think that sitting all day on your bed, quivered up in a blanket while drinking hot tea would help you in any way to keep you mentally sane then sorry to burst your bubble, you are positively wrong. The fact is rather simple than complex and it is crystal clear right ahead of your eyes that to stay fit mentally you need to shift your focus on walking. You can try to walk barefoot on the lavish green slightly cold grass. while observing your surroundings. The walk will help you to clear your mind, it will give you new energy and hope to forget what is going inside your mind so that you can improve your mental health.

5. Eat right-

Who doesn’t like to eat pasta, pizza and burgers, or tempting fries? However, you should know consuming food which is high in fat, sodium, preservatives, carbohydrates and calories can cause trouble for not only your physical health but also for your mental health. As it is a well-proven fact by researchers that what you eat has a direct connection with how you feel about yourself and eating a well-balanced diet is necessary to improve your mental health.

6. Write it down-

A man is holding a pen and diary in hand and writing something

I know it’s hard for people who don’t like to write but when you know it is going to improve your mental health in any way then you should not wait anymore. You can grab a pen along with paper right now to pour everything which is running inside your mind. From best things to worst you can write down even a small observation. In this way, you can express yourself everything while not being a hard nut to crack as writing will make you clear your mind.

7. Sleep well-

A woman is sleeping

Do you even remember when you slept for around 8 hours? Or do you remember when you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night as you were not able to sleep? I bet you didn’t! However, you should know one thing, sleep is necessary to maintain the equilibrium of the body. It effectively allows us to recharge our emotional, physical, and mental health. When you don’t get enough sleep at night you feel lost, horrible, and less productive than the other day. That’s why you should not take caffeine, and play video games. Opting for such activities at night won’t let you sleep which will boost your overthinking and you will find yourself stuck in the loop of anxiety.

8. Play your favourite music-

A girl has wearing headphones in her ears and enjoys songs

 Do you know music has the power to heal everything? And it can improve your mental health.  You can play music anytime you want and especially at that time when you feel lost. You listen to your favourite genre from hip-hop to classical, from country-side to pop. you can listen to your favourite singer and close your eyes for a second as at that moment you wouldn’t be here dealing with several problems which are stuck inside your mind. You would be somewhere else focused only on yourself.

9. Find meaning and purpose-

A group of friends is jumping on the beach at the time of sunset

Balancing your mental health is hard and finding the meaning and purpose of your life is even harder. Sometimes we get a lot of mental pressure in our life as we think we are being robots, doing too much work that wasn’t even making sense to anyone and in the end we suffer a lot. We can’t remain sane by following the same pattern for the rest of our life. That’s why it is very important to have a purpose in your life. You can find a passion for yourself or search for the creative side in your mind. As these things work like a ladder in your life to sustain your mental health in the right place.

Final thoughts

No matter where you are, what you are doing right now. if you don’t stay mentally fit then everything will become a big circle of chaos for you. Thus you need to have a very clear mindset and set your priorities now to keep yourself healthy and mentally fit.

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