How To Take Care of Your Skin During Holi

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Holi is a joyous festival deeply embedded in Hindu traditions. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and welcomes the vibrant spirit of spring. Families and friends come together to enjoy music, dance, and tasty treats. It’s also a time for forgiveness, healing old wounds, and fostering stronger bonds within the community.

Holi, the festival of colours, is near to bringing joy, laughter, and a vibrant celebration of life. However, the more this festival brings excitement and moments of life to cherish together, the more it can bring trouble for people with acne-prone skin. In this festival, people with acne-prone skin may fret over the aftermath of pigment and chemical-laden colours. For people like you who are already dealing with acne, the possibility of intense breakouts can be daunting. For this reason, skincare tips for summer can help. 

But rest assured—you needn’t worry about jeopardizing the festive vibe. With some foresight and the right skincare regimen, you can still enjoy this festival of colours. This guide will delve into practical tips and precautions to protect your skin while following effective skincare tips for oily skin. Let’s explore how you can enjoy the colours of Holi while keeping acne at bay. So, gear up and dive into the colourful skincare routine specifically tailored for Holi.

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Tips To Take Care of Your Skin & Hair During Holi

Go For Salicylic Acid 

To protect your acne-prone skin in this Holi, use salicylic acid as chemical exfoliation. This acid helps keep your skin clean and prevents pore clogging. It removes excess dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads. Moreover, chemical exfoliation is better than physical exfoliation as it does not create micro-tears on the skin. You can use a face wash or a serum to apply salicylic acid and consider it a healthy skincare routine for summer

Moisturize Your Skin Well 

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You must keep your skin hydrated; the most vital way to keep skin healthy is to have enough water and oil. So, ensure you moisturize during the day, starting your whole day and at night before getting back to sleep. After moisturizing in the morning, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. Following this method as one of the best skincare tips for summer can also help prevent future breakouts. 

Eat A Proper Diet 

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Healthy skin is obtained from healthy eating. A healthy diet aids in increasing the rate of cell turnover and building collagen to give you a youthful glow. From including various nuts and fruits to eating vegetables and eggs, keep a check on giving yourself proper vitamin A and C-rich food for healthy skin. One of the best skincare tips for oily skin is to drink enough water and avoid high-glycemic foods. 

Keep Ice Cubes To Your Rescue 

After delving into the Holi colours, if your skin feels inflamed, rub ice cubes on your face ASAP, as it is one of the best skincare tips for oily skin. Moreover, you can try to rub it 5 minutes before playing because colours entering open pores can get harsh and affect your skin in the long run. Applying ice prior can help close the pores and prevent the harsh chemical colours from seeping in.

Double Cleanse 

Double cleansing is one of the best skincare tips for summer. It is a great way to remove all the colours from your skin. As the term itself suggests, you have to cleanse your skin twice. In the first instance, for people with acne-prone skin, take micellar water or a cream-based makeup remover and remove all the colour with a cotton ball. Then, with your usual face wash, wash it off for better removal; following the methods as suggested will not irritate your skin. 

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Sunscreen Is Your Saviour 

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Sunscreen comes as your saviour for Holi without even saying. Especially when you are ready to forget everything and get involved in the splashes of water balloons and colours during the journey or while playing, you also need to protect yourself from the sun. So follow the best skincare tips for summer and wear an SPF 30 or a broad-spectrum sunscreen in a gel variant, as it will be light on your skin. It will give you all the protection you need, so make sunscreen your saviour by reapplying it every 2 hours to maximize the efficacy. 

Apply Body Oil 

Before stepping out to play with the festive colours of Holi, oil your skin to create a protective layer between your skin and the harmful chemicals in the colours. This can also turn out to be the best skincare tip when you are planning to enjoy this beautiful festival of colours and the triumph of good over evil. Oiling your body also makes it easier to wash away the colours. Besides applying oil to your body, you should also apply oil to your hair to protect it. 

Avoid Using Warm Water And Treat The Sunburns 

Playing with water and colours outside can cause sunburn. To follow one of the most effective skincare tips for summer, especially around the festive vibes, protect yourself, take rice, wrap it in a cloth, and rub it to soothe the sunburn and remove redness from your skin. Moreover, you may want to clean the colours by bathing, but avoid using warm water; instead, take a cold shower to wash off all the colours. 

Wear Covered Clothes And Use Organic Colours 

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Do not expose your skin to the scorching heat of summer. In fact, focus on following effective skincare tips for oily skin in summer. Wear a full-sleeved shirt and long pants to cover your skin. This method will protect your skin from exposure to harsh chemicals in colours. Also, avoid using synthetic colours containing harmful chemicals, as they can result in skin irritation, rashes, and allergies. Instead, choose organic colours made from flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

Avoid Using Makeup 

One of the best skincare tips for oily skin is never returning to your daily routine after enjoying the festive season and playing with the colours. So, in the post-holiday period, avoid using makeup for a few days after Holi, as your skin needs time to heal. However, if there is an urgency to use makeup, choose products that are gentle on your skin and easy to remove. 

Holi is a festival of colours that brings joy and laughter to bring your family and loved one together. However, in this colourful and joyful festival, taking care of your skin is also necessary if you are already dealing with acne. The above-listed methods can help you care for your skin this festive season. 

Dealing with any type of skin issue is more common than you think. Skin issues affect millions of people worldwide. So, if you are conscious of your skin, not just the time around Holi, it is time to prioritize your skin health and take the right steps to correct it to bring back your lost confidence

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