How to reduce anxiety: tips and tricks

Anxiety is the most common health issue among all ages of people throughout the world and sometimes people don’t know how to deal with them or what to do to reduce their level of stress and anxiety. Therefore, they fall into the circle of anxiety, overthinking and stress and lose their healthy lifestyle, they do not know what they are doing in their lives and if that is not enough to see in this remorseful situation they might start even forgetting their existence.

But you don’t have to worry because I am here to guide you on how to cope with anxiety with these tips and tricks that are listed below.

1. Exercise Daily- The most important thing to do to reduce your level of anxiety and stress is to maintain yourself well by doing exercise daily, a practice of daily exercise doesn’t only keep you healthy but also gives you a stable balanced life. It keeps you fit and maintains your energy level daily. However, you need to be patient and calm while looking for better results.

Here are some tips for accepting exercising in your life

Do jogging for half an hour

Make a dance routine daily

Keep riding your bicycle to be active and healthy

Walk daily to remain enthusiastic in your life

Accept different forms of exercise to keep yourself energetic

2. Eat Healthy food-  To reduce your anxiety and stress level the most important thing you need to do is to accept healthy food in your life. And accepting healthy food means letting go of oily and junk food. The absolute truth to living a stress-free and anxiety-free life is to eat as much healthy food by including the right amount of protein and carbohydrates as it helps to let you live a positive life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your stress level, it also helps you to keep your body fit while giving you a sense of mental peace.

3. Less usage of caffeine and alcohol- The absolute truth has been said that to reduce anxiety and stress levels you need to reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol you take daily. I have even heard that people say they take caffeine regularly daily so that they can be productive and do all their work on time while sacrificing their health in the first place, and they take alcohol to reduce all the stress so that they can enjoy the life after their schedule work, but they have no idea they are planting seeds for a bitter future, alcohol and caffeine doesn’t provide you anything except  for a trigger to your mood swings and the level of your anxiety and overthinking

4. Surround yourself with people who motivate you- have you ever realised what it feels like to be surrounded by negative people? Who only tries to demotivate you on several bases by making your life a living hell and then slightly pushing you towards the circle of anxiety and stress? If yes, then let me open your eyes with by knowledge that to reduce stress and anxiety you need to be around those people who motivate you/support you whenever you feel low, those people who remain with you through thick and thin even in hard times deserve your time so that you can reduce your anxiety and overcome your fear while those who only demotivate you deserve nothing in your life.

5. Write down your thoughts- writing might not be a fun activity for everyone but it takes a lot to write whatever you want especially when you’re feeling anxious and low. Stress and anxiety make you fall even deeper where you feel nothing but blank and to understand the depth of your mind you need to write every day, as it not only builds a good habit but guides you to see how your mind feels when you become anxious and stressful, by writing your thoughts you can understand what you cannot say in words to yourself that’s why I can proudly say as a writer that writing helps you a lot to cope with your anxiety level.

6. Listen to Music- you must have heard somewhere in your life that music heals everything even your stress and anxiety level As music triggers pleasure, it gives you pleasure while taking you to another world you feel every rhythm in your heart, it also strike you in another level of creativity, and creativity takes you out from your stressful situation, it helps to reduce stress while releasing your emotional state, it helps you to be focused and understandable enough to let go of all the stressful things and anxious situation in your life while reducing anxiety at the same time.

7. Take deep breaths- one of the most important things to do to reduce your anxiety level is to take deep breaths. Breathing deeply and slowly directs you to only focus on breathing while forgetting everything in the background as we draw our full attention when we take deep slow breaths to calm ourselves down. It gives you time to let go of the situations which trigger you to become anxious and draws your attention to the state of taking deep breaths so that you can calm down.

8. Prioritise taking a good amount of sleep- yes, I know getting good sleep is the most crucial part of today’s generation where we are surrounded by the digital world. However, it is as important as eating, walking, breathing and enjoying your life. As we all know Sleep allows our bodies to rehabilitate themselves and our brains to bring together our memories and process information. Poor sleep is linked to physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in your life you need to maintain a good amount of sleep.

9. Meditation and yoga- Meditation and yoga have been practised for thousands of years and it was first discovered to find your true self and your identity in the world. Therefore, it helps to give you a sense of calmness in your life, bringing peace and balance in your life rather than mentally or physically. It guides you to live in the present, be creative and imaginative, and it also increases self-awareness while giving you control over your mood swings and your patience level.

10. Understand the process-  now we are at the last stage of guiding you on how to reduce your stress and anxiety level, so I want to declare that to let go of your anxiety, the stress which sometimes can’t let you sleep in the night or the anxiety which doesn’t let you be yourself then you need to understand the process, need to understand that important thing take time, and need to understand its a real world where you suffering from anxiety, to let go or to reduce something you need to understand it and to understand it you need to be vigilant enough to examine all the loopholes of your life.

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