7 supreme tips for surviving the most heartbreaking breakup! 

woman in black leather jacket sitting on brown wooden floor dealing with a breakup

What is more hurtful than pondering over grief? Especially when it is about the desire of hearts. You know that hearts do what they want; they feel for whomever they want to, and what do we get at the end? Most of the time, we regret and receive nothing except for an abundance of silence. We shall know that breakup is difficult to handle, and why not? when the hurt is given by your ex-lover, who promised to give you a happy ending but failed to give one. However, you should also know that just as life is limitless, so is time. Things will never stop for everyone, and you will not either. Therefore, darlings, let’s stand together in this battle and comprehend the supreme tips to survive the most heartbreaking breakup of all time and live once again!

Tips for surviving the most heartbreaking breakup

Skip the blame game 

man and woman sitting on bench fighting over a breakup

While it sounds enticing to blame the other person with whom you were in the relationship, it becomes equally disastrous when you start to blame yourself too, following the same path over and over again. The old scenarios, the endless conversations, and the most-echoing laughter all evaporate in vain when your heart gets broken into a million pieces. Thus, blaming the other person, yourself, your family, and your friends is not the right thing to do. It will only push you into endless thinking about what went wrong, how you could have saved it, and why you are the one who has to suffer. Just accept the breakup and move on, as it is better to close some chapters of your life for your own peace.

Cry Cry Cry 

sad woman on a wooden table crying over a heartbreak

Become the crybaby if you have to! Do not let anyone give you a second thought on why you shouldn’t cry. Let those bashed feelings lash from inside, let your pain toss over. As to living peacefully, it is extremely important to acknowledge your own feelings and actually do what is right for you to do! Therefore, don’t ever hold yourself back and let these tears come out flawlessly on your face; let it make you feel cold; the more you accept it, the more easily you will move on. Also, as an inner tip, you will feel more relaxed and relieved when you let go of the emotional trauma and heartbreak. Always remember that breaking up is just a phase of your life, and you can deal with it!

Reconstruct  your day-to-day routine 

woman doing yoga to deal with her heartbreak

Yes! You heard right; reconstruct your day-to-day routine to get over the most mournful phase of your life. See the patterns of your old days when you were in a relationship and change them. For example, you used to have a conversation with your partner in the morning; now you have a conversation with yourself and spend time with yourself by doing exercise and yoga. Yoga will help you to burden out your stress and keep you motivated and confident enough to feel the fresh air again even if you are surrounded by an endless crowd. Exercise will keep you physically fit, as some of us deal with breakups by eating endless junk food and doing nothing but lying on the bed. So, change your pattern from what it was when you were in a relationship to the current situation when you are dealing with the most hurtful breakup!

Cut the contact

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It doesn’t matter how strong you may think you are or how foolish that breakup was; it is always a good idea to take some time for yourself. It has been said that a breakup can only be successful if you stop constantly checking. You can only help yourself if you cut out the person from your life, especially when the good-for-nothing relationship costs you too much. No matter how much you want to talk to them and revisit the old lanes, it is for your survival that you remove that person from your contact list and block them on every social media site. And don’t ever think about being friends with that person who broke your heart; friendships can’t exist on false parameters, and heartbreak is one of them! So open your eyes, and be strong as you are as only we can imagine how horrid it is to move on and fall on the same stage again and again when you have reached out to them on social media.

Get busy 

photo of a girl writing on her notebook to deal with a heartbreak

Empty mind’s devil house! Many have heard the proverb, but only the unfortunate ones have felt it. You are a hopeless romantic and have gone through all rights and wrongs, but in the end, you are still empty-handed because you were too focused on others’ needs while declining your own. You gave your energy and your time to those who didn’t even deserve it in the first place, out of generosity. But it is not too late, you do not have to suffer alone, we are in the battle together, only if you get enough busy to ever cross your ex in your mind. In these crucial times, it is your responsibility to find yourself again. It may seem impossible at first, but I know you can do it, and so can others!

Find your creative side, devote yourself to your favourite hobby, learn a new language, take that trip, and explore more about your surroundings than you have before.

Open up, express yourself, and spend time with your family and friends.

smiling women and men sitting on green grass with their friends

Getting a supportive non-judgement space is all you need to vent out shamelessly. You do not have to be ashamed of yourself for anything, nor do you have to think about your ex again and again. What’s done is done, and now is the time to open up and express yourself to your friends and family. A supportive friend circle and family can help you deal with all the horrifying things, and the breakup is just a smaller one among them. As it doesn’t matter how bigger or smaller the problem is anything can be tackled when you have supportive friends and family to listen to you out, to make you feel safe, and to always remain stand together even when you feel the most vulnerable.

Take a break and don’t rush into new any relationship!

woman in gray and blue zip up hoodie standing on the cliff trying to move on

It is time for you to take care of yourself and take a break. Focus on self-love, take care of your skin, get proper sleep, combat with your anxiety levels, and take care of your mental health. Take a break because you deserve it more than anyone else. However, it is seen that most people with broken hearts rush into a new relationship without fulfilling the void in their chest, which is totally absurd! You are not only disturbing your inner peace but also that of that person with whom you have started again without forgetting your ex. Thus, it is essential to take a break to comprehend your needs and requirements. After all, rushing into a romantic relationship without mending your broken heart is like playing with fire in which you will now or then will get burned. Therefore, be calm, change your mindset, take a break, and trust yourself; everything will be alright if you just give it a little time.

Dealing with a major heartbreak can be a tedious task, but when you have your passion to follow, your friends and family to support, and your own will to move on, nothing can stop you from being the person you’ve always admired.

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