Top things to do in Jaipur: Exploring the Pink City with a new spark!

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Jaipur is a unique blend of old and new, offering a wealth of attractions to explore. As the main city in the desert state of Rajasthan, India, it boasts ancient forts, stunning palaces, and modern neighbourhoods, as well as various shopping spots. This captivating mix attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. You can make a lifetime remembering journey by visiting forts, cafes, monuments, and markets if you are wondering what things to do in Jaipur. That’s not it, you might even want to try a camel ride or experience the traditional Rajasthani culture at a village resort while exploring this Pink city. 

5 Best things to do in Jaipur 

Jaipur is a beautiful city brimming with experiences offering infinite travel memories. Beyond its majestic palaces and forts, it offers a wide range of adventurous activities to satisfy the traveller in you. Here’s a guide to help you decide what places to visit in Jaipur on your next trip to the Pink City to make it a more memorable and fun-filled vacation of your life. 

Tour the Amer Fort to witness the magical Evening! 

amber fort and palace in rajasthan india

One of the top palaces to visit in India, Amer Fort, is cradled on the top of a hill near Jaipur. With its maze-like passages and serpentine staircases, it is an architectural masterpiece with significant importance in Indian history and culture. Just 11 km from Jaipur, this fort is crafted from pink and yellow sandstone and was constructed in 1952. Its architecture was so beautiful that even invaders didn’t wish to destroy it. If you decide to visit this fort, do not forget to watch the light and sound show displaying the glorious rich history of Amer Fort and Jaipur, as it is considered one of the best Jaipur places to see a light show.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Late Show Timings: English: 7:30 PM, Hindi: 8:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 25

Explore the beauty of Hawa Mahal by day and night! 

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The Palace of Winds, or the world-famous Hawa Mahal,  comes under Jaipur’s main attractions and is built from red sandstone and resembles a honeycomb structure, standing as one of Jaipur’s most renowned landmarks. As people say, during the day, it invites you to explore its intricate interiors, and at night, the vibrant mirrored windows breathe new life into it. If you truly want to embrace this enchanting transformation, do not forget to come when the bustling streets have quieted down at night or early in the morning during a time of tranquillity, as it still ranks on top when it comes to the best things to do in Jaipur.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: Indian Tourist INR 50 per head, Foreign Tourist INR 200 per head

Enjoy the folk dance at Chokhi Dhani! 

a woman in traditional indian clothing dancing

If you want to experience Rajasthani culture personally, it is time to head to Chokhi Dhani. It is one of the most colourful and liveliest locations in Jaipur to spend time with your friends, family and partner. Here you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this village resort, where you can relish puppet shows, magic performances, Rajasthani folk dances, acrobatics, camel rides, elephant rides, boating and a host of other activities. 

One of the best things to do in Jaipur is to enjoy mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine with your family, especially when you are looking for a break from the city’s bustling life.

Timings: 5:30 PM- 11:00 PM

Entry Fee: Adult: INR 750, Child: INR 450

Ranthambhore National Park to go for a safari!

tiger lying on puddle of water

One of the best places to visit in Jaipur is Ranthambore National Park. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of lush greenery and wildlife. Once the hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, it now invites visitors to embark on thrilling tiger trails at Bakula, hike up to the historic Ranthambore Fort, spot sloth bears at Kachida Valley, shop for exquisite handicrafts at Dastkar Craft Centre, and indulge in birdwatching tours.

Species: Tigers, Hyenas, Jungle cats, Leopards, Jackals, Indian Foxes, and a wide range of birds like Pelicans, Ibis, Flamingos, Egrets, and Parakeets


October- February: 07:00 am – 10:30 am | 02:30 pm – 06:00 pm

February- March: 06:30 am – 10:00 am | 02:30 pm – 06:00 pm

April-June: 06:00 am – 09:30 am | 03:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Jaipur Bazaars to end your trip with a sweet delight!

If you’re pondering whether to find one of the top Jaipur main attractions, dive into the vibrant shopping scene. Here, you’ll discover the most authentic and traditional Rajasthani jewellery and clothing. Hunt for precious gemstones at Johari Bazaar, explore lac jewellery at Tripolia Bazaar, peruse marble sculptures at Chandpol Bazaar, and snag fantastic deals on wooden souvenirs and colourful handicrafts at Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road). Indeed, shopping stands as one of the foremost activities in Jaipur to make your trip worth remembering!

Tip: Don’t miss out on grabbing Rajasthani jootis and exquisite blue pottery at Nehru Bazaar. Additionally, you can find exceptional Mojari shoes and high-quality leather products at Bapu Bazaar. 

Embarking on these incredible activities in Jaipur promises to make your trip the most adventurous journey of your life. If time permits, be sure to immerse yourself in all the experiences listed above and truly savour your Jaipur holiday with many amazing things to do in Jaipur. So, why wait? Start planning your Rajasthan getaway now and venture to the Pink City to leave your own colourful mark.

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