Top 10 things to do this Monsoon!

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Ah! Finally, the time is here when the burning summer of the year will get vaporised and the banks of the river will get refiled. When the almighty fresh air knocks on our doors of life and makes us magnificent, it is the sweetest joy to witness.

The time has come when the sky will be draped in dark grey colours, hiding the stars from pouring cold water on us in the form of dazzling droplets. The time has finally arrived when our wait will finally end as we are going to witness the most endangering weather of all time.

Yes, the excitement is finally here, knocking on your doors to give you the year’s greatest adventure. However, if you are still stuck in your room trying to find what is left to do, then don’t panic. I am here with a list of what you can do this monsoon season.

Things to do this monsoon

1. Take a long stroll:

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When the almighty rain touches the arid land, it creates an aroma in all the nearby surroundings. From lavish tall green trees to the moist wind, everything seems to be mesmerized for a moment while devising a better time to take a long stroll. People wait all year to witness the special monsoon season to nourish and explore the beauty of nature so that they can walk barefoot on the moist green grass to calm their senses and bring out the creativity inside them.

2. Rooftop dining:

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Surrounded by the cold wind, you can do rooftop dining when all the stars twinkle at you and the green leaves give you a sentiment of the countryside. You can enjoy your hot, tempting food with your family or friends in the presence of nature while creating the most commendable memories of your life. As the monsoon not only brings joy but also brings a time when all people gather to enjoy the food while relishing the stunning compassionate nature.

3. Go on a romantic date:

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Monsoon season is the best time to develop your ongoing relationship or build a new one. It’s the time of nature that gives lovers a new way to see nature and admire its beauty. Maybe that’s why they wait for rainy days to go on a romantic date where they can spend time together while having a conversation over hot & tempting coffee. 

4. Take a long drive:

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Generally, you will find people lurking their eyes out of their favourite shows while sitting on their beds with their doors closed as if the monsoon doesn’t exist for them. They tend to overthink all the time while living an unhealthy lifestyle. However, everyone should know that rainy days are the best days of life, and at that time, you can go on a long drive. You will have plenty of time to observe what is occurring around you while driving on the streets, which are still numb from the droplets of water on them.

5. Have a movie marathon with your friends-

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If you are too quirky and do not want to go out in the monsoon season, then you do not need to be left out. You can still enjoy the most awaited season of all time. All you have to do is open the door of your room so that the moist air can peek inside while you invite your friends to have a movie marathon with you. You can choose from action to romance, from chick flicks to fantasy or any genre you like to binge-watch all day while sitting on your couch and eating your favourite food.

6. Enjoy street food:

people with umbrellas in rainy city

You can enjoy the hot and crispy food while enjoying the welcoming monsoon days. Especially when you are a foodie and you enjoy the rain as much as I do, then you can visit any nearby stall to ask them to provide hot fried street food, which can give you a mixture of a sweet and spicy pleasant flavour. You can take your umbrella with you so that, in any case, if the rain gets heavy, you get the advantage of being passionate about enjoying the mouth-watering food while living in a moment longer than usual.

7. Pay a visit to book cafes:

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The words printed boldly on the pages can excite anyone, and the hundreds of phrases are portrayed to give you sentiments of life. What you get from reading during the monsoon, from excitement to sorrow, from joy to pleasure, not only excites your love of literature but also arouses the exciting view when the dark clouds hover over the sky. At that time, the wind slightly touches your strands of hair, making the little rain droplets dance in their rhythm. You will realise how wonderful it is to visit any book cafe in your town so that you can devour any story in your mind while having nicely baked cookies with a cup of hot caramel coffee.

8. Explore the history of your city:

smiling couple navigating with map on city street

Any archaeological site would look completely marvellous when it gets draped in a shower of rain, and the surroundings around it get more splendid when the birds come to witness the beauty of nature. And yes, it’s the best time to explore the history of your city. You can grab your camera and plan a trip within your city to explore the history of many years during this monsoon season. At the time of the monsoon, the weather becomes more pleasant than at any other time.

9. Make paper boats:

photo of white paper boat on body of water

Remember the time when we were little kids who used to get excited at the arrival of rainy days? So that we can make paper boats and let them float on the shiny streets that are filled with water now. You can recreate the beautiful scenery of your mind in this monsoon too, without overthinking anything. All you need to do is get creative and make as many paper boats as you want to run on the street without a motor.

10. Witness the most beautiful sunset:

orange sunset

The time of monsoon when the rain stops and the deep blue sky gets cleared, and the little pearls of water reflect their presence on the green sumptuous leaves. It is the most epic time in nature when the mighty sun bids a prompting goodbye to you while making itself known in the orange colour, with hundreds of birds and trees humming the same song, giving you an extraordinary moment in your life to feel the captivating nature all over again.

The monsoon arrival not only makes you forget the difficulties of your life but also helps you be creative and naturally optimistic. In the presence of the almighty rain, you can forget your sorrows so that there will only be joy in your life. From visiting many places to enjoying the beautiful sight of nature, taking long drives and dancing in the rain. You can do anything while following your heart in the most beloved season.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  What are some fun outdoor activities to enjoy during the monsoon? 

 There are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy during the monsoon. You can go on a monsoon trek, visit waterfalls, indulge in river rafting, or simply take a leisurely walk amidst nature

2.   Are there any indoor activities suitable for the monsoon season?

Yes, there are several indoor activities perfect for the monsoon. You can have a cosy movie marathon at home, try your hand at cooking new recipes, or engage in indoor games with family and friends.

3. What precautions should I take while going on a monsoon trek?

While going on a monsoon trek, it’s essential to wear appropriate footwear with a good grip to avoid slipping. Carry a raincoat or waterproof jacket, and pack your belongings In waterproof bags. Stay updated with weather forecasts and avoid venturing out in case of heavy rainfall or thunderstorms.

4. How can I make the most of the monsoon season for photography?

 Monsoon offers a beautiful landscape for photography. To make the most of it, choose overcast days for soft lighting, capture raindrops on leaves and flowers, and experiment with long exposure shots of waterfalls and flowing streams.

5. Are there any special monsoon festivals or events to attend?

Yes, many regions have unique monsoon festivals and events that celebrate the arrival of rain. Look out for local festivals, cultural events, and monsoon fairs in your area to experience the spirit of the season. 

6. What are some popular monsoon destinations in the region?

Some popular monsoon destinations include hill stations like Munnar, Lonavala, and Darjeeling, which boast lush greenery and pleasant weather during this season. Coastal regions like Goa and Kerala also offer a unique charm during the monsoon. 

7.  Can you suggest some monsoon skincare tips to deal with the humidity?

 During the monsoon, humidity levels can rise, leading to skin-related issues. Ensure you keep your skin clean and dry. Use a mild cleanser and a light, non-greasy moisturizer. Stay hydrated, and avoid heavy makeup. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with UV protection.

Also, read 7 skincare tips everyone should know!

8.  Are there any precautions to follow during monsoon travel?

Yes, during monsoon travel, check weather forecasts and road conditions before embarking on a journey. Carry necessary essentials like umbrellas, raincoats, and waterproof bags. Be cautious while driving, as roads may be slippery during rain.

9. Can you recommend some monsoon-themed books or movies to enjoy at home?

Absolutely! For books, consider reading “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy or “The Rainmaker” by John Grisham. For movies, classics like “Singin’ in the Rain” or “Monsoon Wedding” capture the essence of the season. 

10. What are some family-friendly monsoon activities for children?

 Children can enjoy splashing in puddles, creating DIY rain gauges to measure rainfall, making paper boats, and having indoor picnics on rainy days.

12. Can you suggest some monsoon-friendly fashion tips for this season?

Sure! Opt for lightweight, quick-drying fabrics like cotton or synthetic blends. Wear bright and cheerful colours to embrace the monsoon spirit. Carry a compact umbrella or a stylish raincoat. Pair your outfits with comfortable, water-resistant footwear to keep your feet dry.

15.  What are the best monsoon dishes to try during this season?

Monsoon calls for delicious comfort foods. Indulge in hot pakoras, bhajiyas, samosas, and steaming cups of chai. Don’t forget to try local monsoon specialities in different regions. 

16.  How can I ensure the safety of my home during heavy rains and monsoon storms?

To ensure your home’s safety during heavy rains and storms, check for any leaks or weak spots in the roof. Keep gutters and drains clean to avoid water clogging. Secure outdoor furniture or bring them indoors to prevent damage.

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