Top 10 Signs You Are An Extrovert 

Top 10 signs you are an extrovert

Being one of the most popular personality traits, extroverts are not those lonely creatures who find it hard to adjust, instead, they are born to lead. And if you think you can’t stay awake all night by reading a book alone in the room, or you cannot remain silent for too long, you may need […]

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9 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

grayscale photo of couple holding hands while walking

Most couples have faced several hindrances in their relationships thanks to the ever-changing technology that is thrusting too much into our lives. Making us anxious with every step we take. And now, when the parameters of the environment are shifting daily, When love has become blind due to our ignorance of the lifestyle, The way […]

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Top 10 things to do this Monsoon!

woman in white shirt with green background

Ah! Finally, the time is here when the burning summer of the year will get vaporised and the banks of the river will get refiled. When the almighty fresh air knocks on our doors of life and makes us magnificent, it is the sweetest joy to witness. The time has come when the sky will […]

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9 ways to improve your mental health

Do you know there are several people around the world suffering from anxiety and depression? Still, they are trying to survive as much as they can so they can stand up on their own and do everything they want to do without hurting themselves or their loved ones. However, there are some people like us […]

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11 signs you are an introvert

Introverts are not those angels whom you dream about at night or those devils who don’t let you sleep in the twilight. They simply are the humans with more compassion than others in being inward-looking, in fact being an introvert is one of the personality traits identified in many theories of personality. And when someone […]

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7 tips for naturally healthy skin

The heatwave is sticking all around the world and we are forced to survive with it which is however fine but what about your skin? How you are going to take care of it especially at the duration when you don’t have enough time to take a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. I know […]

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Things not to do after a breakup

Breakups can be devastating and cruel. They change your life completely without giving you any warning, the ultimate forte is it gives you a sudden detachment from a person whom you have never thought you would get separated from any day while leaving you in a state where you can’t even think properly, it crushes […]

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