Things not to do after a breakup

Breakups can be devastating and cruel. They change your life completely without giving you any warning, the ultimate forte is it gives you a sudden detachment from a person whom you have never thought you would get separated from any day while leaving you in a state where you can’t even think properly, it crushes […]

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10 ways to get over a break-up 

Getting over a break-up is hard and can be devastating if it was with someone whom you have never expected to break your heart. However, you know that life goes on, once the seed is not going to be the seed always it has to become a flower one day to nourish life.  Therefore, moving […]

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How to adapt yoga to your lifestyle

People with a regular lifestyle think that it only takes a moment of breathing and making postures to understand yoga and adapt it to your lifestyle while people involved in yoga throughout their life know it takes years to build a yogic lifestyle because you can’t pretend to be yogic after spending a minute on […]

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How to reduce anxiety: tips and tricks

Anxiety is the most common health issue among all ages of people throughout the world and sometimes people don’t know how to deal with them or what to do to reduce their level of stress and anxiety. Therefore, they fall into the circle of anxiety, overthinking and stress and lose their healthy lifestyle, they do […]

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10 things to stop doing right now!

a woman protesting while holding a megaphone

Running out of happiness? Well, life has taken a rollercoaster ride, especially after covid times. And since we are on the verge of ending 2021. It’s your call of duty to seek inside your brain, or heart whatever you are obliged to and ask yourself what are the things that are exploiting your inner peace […]

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7 ways to overcome your overthinking now!

woman in hijab walking on the shore of the beach

The constant circle that hooks you drive your mind crazy for a moment and then leaves you with a bundle of never-ending thoughts is called overthinking.  In my words, overanalyzing and thinking again even the smallest things of your life create a disaster in the way you proceed with your mind.  Whether it is getting […]

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