8 Real-Life Lessons To Boost Your Creativity!

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Creativity is like a constant reminder of your expertise, a hidden pathway to your brain, and an outstruck emotion in your heart that needs a lot of reassurance to exist in your life. It may be hard to be creative when you are following the troops of a rat race in your daily routine or following someone else’s orders without using your brain.

Understandably, developing creativity skills can become next to impossible if you do not have even a single thing to explore, gaze at, open the door of your subconscious mind, or flourish the agony of your passion.

However, like every problem has a definite solution, this article brings you the most helpful methods to boost your creativity and become the next Shakespeare of the millennial generation surviving in the 21st century.

Effective ways to boost your creativity!

Set up the mood

If even Steve Jobs couldn’t find himself creative in this dull environment, then who are you and I to talk about? Creativity is not as easy as using a magic wand or a thunderbolt to amaze you every time. Creativity is a constant need that needs to be worked on, a challenge that needs to be looked upon.

However, it is also true that it is next to impossible to be creative when you have blank walls around you. So do the right thing now and make your surroundings more pleasing to set the mood. Do not end your ability of the mind to think; in fact, begin whenever you absorb your pleasing surround—the colours, the objects, the subtleties around you—what stories they tell and how they improve creativity.

So whenever you think there is no capability left out of the box, you never know when your idea can become the next biggest inspiration for the world to work on or admire.

You don’t have to be perfect or a genius to improve your creativity

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When we talk about creativity, everyone aspires to be a genius—the one who knows everything all at once without losing even a single string to estimate new ideas. But it is fatal to believe that only perfection and you’re being a genius can become one of the ways to boost your creativity.

To be creative, to think something out of the box, and to never stop your mind from revealing the secrets of the universe to you, you must stop looking for the damn perfection and practice as much as you can! Paint the blank canvas multiple times till you feel satisfied, write that phrase that suits best your heart, and create that design that is cultivated by your brain and connected to your admirer’s heart.

Build a direct relationship with those who seek art because that is the only way to develop creative skills to rule the artistic world.

Research!  Research!  And Research!

An artist never stops, because when they do, the world stops to breathe. You exist like robots, but to live, you need to feel emotions and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the infinite sky, and that can only happen when you decide to never put a full stop to what you love to do.

Always remember that if you stop writing, you will never be able to write with the same spark that you used to. The same goes for other creative works. A creative person must do research on all the possible ways to develop creativity skills or boost creativity that never stops and makes them the happiest person alive when they realize they have finally found their ikigai.

Get inspiration from other industries

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Sometimes, it’s easy to find a new idea in your industry that can leave everything behind, but you should know that copying those same ideas won’t take you anywhere! So open the closed windows, capture the picture from a wider angle, and explore the hidden gems. Look for ideas, creativity, and innovation in different industries and areas.

Look, what are they up to? What they are doing and how you can implement the same idea in your work Definitely, the mixture will open many doors for you if it is done passionately without getting anxious or stressing too much.

Unplug yourself

Most of the time, it is seen that the greatest ideas are discovered when you are not looking for them. When you work under pressure and think too much, try to climb the ladder in a single moment; it will break most of the time! An innovative idea can come to you anywhere, whether you are taking the shower, trying to sleep at night, doing yoga, or just walking around the green meadows in the park.

So, to develop creative skills, it is not required to get lost in your mind, take stress, or affect your mental health; the only thing you need to do is let go of the burden from your mind and let the brain do the magic of its own.


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Research says that, on average, a person sits between 7 and 15 hours every day, which is very risky to maintaining a healthy life, a good mood, and of course, the epitome of creativity. And by breaking the myth, it is found that walking can significantly improve your creativity, give you a new perspective on monitoring your surroundings, and explore the lost pathways that lead to unexpected ideas.

On top of that, if you try to walk barefoot on the green grass, it connects with your mind and heart. It helps to ease your stress and make your skin glow by keeping you happy and giving you new ways to bring new ideas into your life. In short, A long walk can heal you physically, mentally, and psychologically, so don’t sit around like a hobo and start walking right now.

Look for advice and appreciate feedback!

There is a saying, “A great artist is the one who looks for advice and appreciates feedback given to them!”

In usual cases, you might find yourself stuck and without hope without knowing what other people think of your idea, your mindset, or ways to increase your creativity. And you give up. Maybe you need to think from a different perspective.

You will have trust issues when it comes to sharing your creative skills, but you do not have to regret it. You can share with your partner, your family, or your teacher—whoever you will have trust issues when it comes to sharing your creative skills, but you do not have to regret it. You can share with your partner, your family, or your teacher—whoever you fully trust—to see yourself from a different perspective so that you can improve and come back with a bang!

Make a list of terrible ideas – Do not throw away those terrible ideas

Now, when it’s a do-or-die situation and your mind cannot stop thinking of terrible ideas, you don’t have to hunt down the jungle. It can be daunting to not find a sane idea to work on while laying on the layers of rubbish ideas, but wait for a moment, take a deep breath, and come down to your senses. Do not throw away those terrible ideas that you are ashamed to talk about.

Instead, make a list of terrible ideas and study them carefully to boost your creativity. Maybe by connecting the dots, you can reach a fresh idea that fits the exact parameters you established for it.


Creativity is not something as rigid as the rules made by your teacher; in fact, it is as flexible as a glass of fresh water. There will always be activities to boost creativity or ways to increase your creativity, but it also depends on how serious you are about your passion. If you love doing what you do, then be ready to cross all the oceans, climb the tallest trees, run in the desert, and capture even the minute details because you never know when you will catch an idea and become the next best thing that everyone wants to talk about.

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